Talk Psychology 2022-2023: Vinser shares: “Your happiness, your choice”

Wednesday, 18/01/2023, 15:01 (GMT+7)

Talk Psychology 2022-2023 is accompanied by the School Academic Office, AP Psychology Program, and School Psychology Office at Vinschool. Each project participating in the forum is a product developed by Vinschool students from extensive psychology research and analysis combined with their own real-life experiences.

“Happiness is something that is very easy to feel but very difficult to define. Happiness for each individual is different. There’s a question that comes up: Is happiness chosen or created? From our group’s point of view, we believe that everyone in this world deserves to be happy and chooses what makes us happy. Whether we define happiness as trying our best to pursue our passions to achieve success or choosing to live a safe and enjoyable life, these are valuable choices. Therefore, we have put together the idea for this project ‘Your happiness, your choice’ to convey the message to all people that happiness is chosen by each and every one of you.

Through the preparation for the competition rounds, we gathered a lot of experience, but we also faced difficult challenges. The biggest challenge during research was to unify the ideas in a coherent and logical manner. In addition, understanding the research to highlight the content of the project is also a great challenge to us. However, we have overcome that challenge by researching, filtering information, and listening to each other’s views as well as the opinions of the teachers. 

In the course of our work, we learned a lot, especially about teamwork and allocating the right amount of time to complete the project as thoughtfully as possible. Our teamwork and listening, receiving and feedback skills significantly improved after completing the project. 

As we went through the competition rounds, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Ms. Mong Chi for always supporting and commenting on the project of the group with great enthusiasm. In addition, we would like to thank the teachers on the organizing committee for giving useful advice to make the group’s work more insightful, in-depth and accessible.” Tran Hoai Nhi and Tran Hoang Bao Anh shared about their Talk Psychology project.