Talk Psychology 2022-2023: Vinser answers: “Why try so hard at school?”

Wednesday, 18/01/2023, 14:01 (GMT+7)

Talk Psychology 2022-2023 is accompanied by the School Academic Office, AP Psychology Program, and School Psychology Office at Vinschool. Each project participating in the forum is a product developed by Vinschool students from extensive psychology research and analysis combined with their own real-life experiences.

“Every day at school is a fun day”. Is this classic saying true? In a Psychology class, this question occurred in my head when discussing the topic of ‘What is happiness?’. Speaking of happiness, not many people talk about it or discuss it in school, but I am sure that the challenges at school and the way we face those challenges have a lot to do with our happiness.

In preparation for the competition rounds, the biggest challenge that I need to face is to explore the scientific research and align them to the main idea of the whole project. This means that there must be research which is also intertwined with personal stories to make the project more perfect. I need to select the information or the story accurately so that the information is neither misleading nor redundant.

I have never dared to stand in front of many people to tell my own story before but in the process of completing the project, I have gained valuable experience. I have to be thoughtful in each sentence to show the presentation in a natural manner and effectively allocate work to do my best. 

During the competition rounds, I was guided by Mr. Nguyen Dang Quy Minh, a Psychology teacher, who has given me genuine encouragement so that I can complete my project better.” – Minh Anh shared about her Talk Psychology project.