Talented Vinsers conquer Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2021

Tuesday, 08/02/2022, 10:02 (GMT+7)

Recently, at the Final Round of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest initiated by Samsung Corporation, Vinsers Hoang Minh Anh and Nguyen Duc Duy, 2 talented students in the field of STEM - Robotics GATE Center, overcame 20 teams and won the Second Prize at the national level with the project "Anti-COVID Gate".

With the wish to contribute a small part of his strength to the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic, Minh Anh shared his desire to inspire, giving  the message: “It is not only doctors who can help prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, but we can also contribute to the fight against this epidemic.”

The project of Vinsers Minh Anh and Duc Duy aims to develop a body temperature measurement gate, which can spot people’s temperature through thermal cameras, thereby giving instructions for people to enter and spray hand sanitiser automatically. This project helps limit the indoor spread of the virus by controlling people who are not wearing a mask and/or whose temperature is above the legal limit. Commenting on the practicality of the project, the contest jury gave it a high rating because the Anti-COVID Gate is particularly suitable for the actual needs in the current epidemic situation.

Congratulations to the 2 talented Vinsers of GATE Center for achieving the desired results. Hopefully, in the future, Minh Anh and Duc Duy will continue to develop highly applicable products to inspire more good values in the community.

Solve For Tomorrow is a contest initiated by Samsung since 2010, to create a creative playground for students to actively explore, research and apply technology to solve local social problems. This year, the contest is organized with the theme “Applying STEM education to research and building solutions to solve social or local problems related to one of four areas: Society, Environment, Education, Health & Wellness”.