Sports Week – Igniting passion for sports among Vinschool Primary Students

Monday, 29/04/2024, 21:04 (GMT+7)

Courage, Unity, Dynamism – these are vibrant impressions of Vinsers during the exhilarating Sports Week at Vinschool Primary Schools in April. Featuring an array of exciting tournaments, the event created opportunities for spirited competition, fostering sportsmanship and holistic development among Vinsers.

This year’s Sports Week unfolded in diverse formats across several weeks, featuring flagship competitions such as Football, Basketball, Martial Arts, Chess, Swimming at the school level. Moreover, friendly exchanges with students from neighboring primary schools and others within the Vinschool system added to the excitement.  Making the most of standardized sports facilities and top-notch equipment across Vinschool campuses, the tournaments were meticulously organized, boasting engaging formats and stringent rules to create a fiercely competitive arena and invaluable experience for budding athletes. 

Through these events, students engaged in spirited play, enhanced their physical fitness, personal skills, embraced teamwork, and shined as exemplary Vinsers with outstanding physical abilities, regularly refined through sports training.

Additionally, various unique and dynamic activities such as Water Day and Connection Day were seamlessly integrated into the Sport Week, creating an enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere for Vinsers after school hours. These activities not only strengthened bonds among students, families, and the school but also propagated the spirit of sportsmanship, encouraging regular exercise and promoting health training for all.

Let’s savor the captivating snapshots from Sports Week at Vinschool Primary Schools!!!