EDURUN 2020 with the “30-day running challenge with Vinschool” has been through an exciting kick-off week. Let’s see who snagged impressive prizes in the very first week!

First-week winners revealed

With enthusiastic support of nearly 10,000 Vinschool parents, students and employees, the “30-day running challenge with Vinschool” calls out the names of winners in the first week as follows:

  • The “Communication Ambassador” title goes to Ms. Mui Khanh Ly, parent of a Vinser from Vinschool Times City Primary School – T35 for her nice photo and meaningful message.
  • The “Best runner” prize goes to the family of Dang Truc Lam, a Vinser from Class 6B03, Vinschool Times City Secondary School, for the total distance run of 225km.
  • The “Inspirer” prize goes to Class 2A04, Vinschool Times City Primary School for the total distance run of 353 km.

Communication Ambassador:

“The 30-day running challenge with EDURUN 2020 is so meaningful indeed. More kilometers run, more money raised to build schools!” - Ms. Mui Khanh Ly - parent of a Vinser from Vinschool Times City Primary School T35

Mr. Dang Van Gioi, father of Dang Truc Lam, shared: “Many other families may have a stronger physical exercise background, but we won thanks to our perseverance. Three people in my family ran twice a day in the given time slots for the whole week. What’s more, this charity race means so much. My daughter understood that every kilometer run would help contribute money to the charity fund, so she was very excited to join. I’d like to take this opportunity to help her pick up an exercise habit for better health. In the coming week, we’ll try harder to maintain the title”.

The “Best runner” prize: 225km

Family of Dang Truc Lam - a Vinser from Class 6B03, Vinschool Times City Secondary School

Total distance run by nearly 10,000 Vinschool parents, students, and employees

The initial efforts of approximately 10,000 Vinschool parents, students, and employees in the kick-off week brought the total distance run to 50,000km. Even though the target for the first week has yet to be achieved, we believe that the large number of participants for the time being will create far more impressive results in the weeks to come.

Over the past week, some Vinschool parents, students, and employees joined the running challenge but their workouts did not add up to the total distance run due to failed connections between Strava and iRace. To fix that data synchronization problem, detailed instructions will be sent out.

For the second week – “Maintain strength” with a target of 600,000km run

Each runner should set a goal of running at least 10km per week and call upon two family members to join them in the second week. Encourage one another and continue spreading the profound messages of EDURUN in your class, school and community as a way to contribute to this charity event.

Why EDURUN 2020?

  • Each kilometer run will help contribute to the EDURUN 2020 Fund which is dedicated to building schools for children in underprivileged areas.
  • To encourage Vinschool students to demonstrate Caring, one of the 5 core values of Vinsers, through this healthy activity. Joining EDURUN 2020, they can help build new schools for poor children in remote areas, and in this way their empathy and compassion are nurtured.
  • To make exercise a habit for the entire family.
  • To improve physical health and strengthen family bonds.
  • To create beautiful childhood memories for Vinsers.
  • To make Vinsers feel proud and more confident after every run.

Ms. Pham Thuy Hang, parent of a Vinser from Vinschool Central Park Primary School, also the Communication Ambassador of EDURUN 2020 on its launch day, shared: “The long break will easily lead to stagnation, especially for children who do not have an exercise habit. It’s great that EDURUN, especially the “30-day running challenge with Vinschool”, kicked off at this time. As individual runners’ achievements will add up to those of the whole class, children will feel greatly motivated to join. That means so much to the children and also helps them pick up an exercise habit. Hopefully, after this event, all the participants will maintain their running activity every day to become healthier and stay strong against obstacles”.

The EDURUN 2020 kick-off week has gone by with lasting impressions. Turn on Strava in two time slots: 5 AM – 8 AM and 4 PM – 8 PM every day in the coming weeks to run with us and spread the meaningful messages of EDURUN 2020!

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Instructions for installing Strava and logging in to the 30-DAY RUNNING CHALLENGE WITH VINSCHOOL: http://bit.ly/2SV0r1r

Details of EDURUN 2020 and the 30-DAY RUNNING CHALLENGE WITH VINSCHOOL: https://edurun.vinschool.com/

Thursday, 05/03/2020, 10:03 (GMT+7)