Preschool Education Program

The Vinschool Preschool Curriculum lays the foundation for children’s personality development and provides a comprehensive preparation on Awareness, Physical Development, Social-Emotion, Language and Aesthetics, to prepare children for primary school.  

1. International Preschool Curriculum IPC

The Vinschool Education System officially acquired the exclusive licensing for the International Preschool Curriculum from IPC. The program has been accredited for its quality by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The IPC has now been successfully implemented at more than 140 schools in 80 countries around the world with more than 8 million enrollments.



Outstanding Advantages of the IPC Program for Vinschool’s Parents and Students:

  • Integration of the advatanges from the US, UK and Singapore preschool curriculums.
  • Students get access to six fields of study including Language, Mathematics and Numerals, Science, Creative Arts, Physical Development, Social-Emotion in line with Vinschool’s comprehensive educational philosophy.
  • The modern classroom model is divided into small groups for teachers to interact and support each individual as well as effectively applying the recognition for multiple intelligences to each educational activity.
  • IPC has a set of evaluation criteria based on children’s capacity, which has a suitable learning process to help children develop their own abilities through each day and each educational project.
  • IPC respects the values of local culture, and aims to integrate cultural content, as well as the language and history of Vietnam
  • IPC encourages Parents to take part in the learning process through reference resources for Parents.


2. Outstanding English program for preschool children

The English language program at Vinschool Kindergarten is particularly focused on making English become the second language in school.

  • The English curriculum design is based on the IPC Language Arts program. The outstanding feature is the Robin Phonics program that helps children learn correct pronunciation.
  • There are diverse reference sources available for Parents to support their children at home free of charge.
  • For the Bilingual Kindergarten program (HCMC) and the Advanced Kindergarten program (Hanoi): Children learn English with native English teachers. At the same time, there is always a Vietnamese English teacher in class to increase the English language exposure to children in learning and playing activities.


3. Well-equipped for Grade 1

Vinschool education program prides itself on the emphasis of equipping children with self-regulation skills. Teachers help their students train their self-sufficiency skills, self-service skills (self-feeding, dressing, personal hygiene, etc.), escape skills, soft skills and relevant social skills at appropriate ages through a step-by-step process. These skills are important to help children confidently enter grade 1.