Practice public speaking in English with Helen O’Grady Academy

Monday, 16/01/2023, 11:01 (GMT+7)

After the signing ceremony of collaboration in December, Vinschool and Helen O'Grady Drama Academy have organised two drama sessions for students to experience what Drama, as a subject, is like.

Under the guidance of experts from Helen O’Grady Academy, Vinsers reenacted two excerpts from The School Playground (Kindergarten level) and Pirate Joe (Lower primary level). During the sessions, students were able to:

  • Express the characters’ lines with appropriate intonation, emotion, and body language
  • Communicate completely in English throughout the lessons
  • Create their own scenes and dialogues in small groups
  • Present and act out their group’s script in front of the class.

“I find the way the teachers interacted with the students through class activities very inspiring. The children could remember their lines in English and speak them naturally without having to learn them by heart” – said Ms. Le Thi Nam Giang, a parent of a third grader at Vinschool, after the lesson. “I’m most impressed when the students improvised their own body language corresponding to the dialogues. They could simultaneously interact naturally with each other and practice speaking English in a dynamic and confident way.”

The drama programme organised by Helen O’Grady Academy and Vinschool will officially be implemented at Vinschool starting from the second semester of the 2022-2023 school year.

For further information about the programme, please contact:

  • 1800 6511 – extension 1 (Northern region)
  • 1800 6511 – extension 2 (HCM city)