Nurturing young Vietnamese talents with the Kien tao scholarship program

Thursday, 13/08/2020, 13:08 (GMT+7)

It has been less than two months since the launch of the Kien tao (Shaping the Future) scholarship program, yet more than 500 applications from every corner of Vietnam have been received, demonstrating how appealing it is to students.

Each applicant comes from a difficult background: some struggle to earn a living at a very young age to support their families, some are in an uncompromising fight against congenital disease; however, they all share an undaunted spirit and a thirst for knowledge. Their handwriting carries their aspirations for a brighter future.

In its quest for potential candidates, Vinschool has received dedicated cooperation and support from Departments of Education and Training across the country, from the National Fund for Vietnamese Children and from School Management Boards, as well as countless teachers and parents. Thanks to their joint efforts, the scholarship program has successfully spread its profound messages far and wide amongst the community.

Impressive figures of the Kien tao scholarship program:

  • Over 500 Applicants from more than 15 cities and provinces
  • Over 50 teachers registering as counselors and instructors for students
  • 100 scholarships totaling 10 billion VND

A unique scholarship program

As an educational charity project, the Kien tao scholarship program by Vinschool aims to give disadvantaged, yet eager-to-learn and self-motivated students easier access to advanced education programs and teaching methods, thereby helping them build a solid knowledge base for future success.

As a person who has directly been involved in various charity programs for children, I see Kien tao as a unique, holistic, and highly practical program. It is a wonderful educational opportunity for rural students who are in particularly difficult circumstances. Those who win the Kien tao scholarships will feel greatly motivated to take further steps towards academic excellence and unlock their full potential, thus being able to support their families and society as they grow up, shared Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuong, representative of the National Fund for Vietnamese Children.

I’m grateful to Vinschool and Vingroup for launching such a meaningful scholarship program. It is my honor to be part of the search for potential candidates, said Ms. Hoang Hong Diep, parent of a student from Vinschool Imperia Secondary school.

 “Coming from a rural area, I thoroughly understand the economical and educational challenges disadvantaged students face. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to support them and nurture their dreams. On the other hand, through this scholarship program, I myself am inspired to love what I do even more, shared Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huong, a teacher from Vinschool Times City Secondary school.

Besides supporting students financially like most scholarship programs, the Kien tao program strives for greater goals, which are to bridge the gap in education between students from difficult backgrounds and those in big cities and to find and foster young talented individuals in Vietnam. This unique scholarship program will inspire all students to try harder to expand their knowledge, pursue their dreams, and overcome the challenges in life for a better future!


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