Kick-start colorful summer with awesome Pyjamas Party for kids

Friday, 08/07/2022, 14:07 (GMT+7)

In the final days of June, a Pyjamas Party took place with distinctive and meaningful activities, kicking off the nationwide series of events of Vinschool Kindergarten’s 2022 Summer Fest.

During the week of the Pyjamas Party, children, parents, and teachers all dressed up in their favorite Pyjamas to school, with the aim of helping the little ones feel cozy and comfortable at school.

Actress Tran Viet Bac – a Vinschool Kindergarten parent – had strange feelings while joining in the party. He thought it was a very original and creative idea

In addition to being able to freely choose their favorite outfits, the children could also bring along their teddy bears and familiar toys, and participate in a variety of delightful activities to bond with friends and transform their beloved school into their second home.

Captivate children’s imagination when building castles made with teddy bears, demonstrating the spirit of solidarity during class activities
Collect the prizes after engaging in a super fun game of Pinata and sharing them with friends
Enjoy a lovely tea party with teachers and friends, while sharing stories about themselves
Children are free to choose pyjamas to their own liking, in order to exude confidence and unique individualities during the fashion show
Enjoy the atmosphere of the cinema with delicious popcorn, getting lost in the world of fairy tales with super engaging children’s stories
Boost imagination and creativity when engaging in storytelling and illustration activities
Joyfully participating in camping activities, setting up tents right at the school, helping children feel that the school is their second home

Seeing the joy and eagerness of their children while at school, one parent said: “The teachers have organized an extremely creative event, something we did not have in our days. My kids had been counting the days since the beginning of the week and had worn their favorite Pyjamas to bed the night before so they could go to school all prepared this morning just in case we parents would forget. We also joined in with the teacher and our kids to prepare a special corner for the party. The message “My school is my home” helps me feel assured. Now I will wait with my children for another 2 weeks to participate in the science event next month. Many thanks to the school for organizing such wonderful events so that the children feel comfortable and excited every time they go to school.”

With the message “My school is my home”, every activity during the Pyjamas Party gave the children a sense of belonging to help turn the school into their second home, where they can feel comfortable, express themselves confidently, and freely play and bond with friends.