Kick-start a successful business career with Vinschool’s Business Programme

Friday, 07/10/2022, 13:10 (GMT+7)

As part of the AS/A-Level programme from the University of Cambridge, Business 9609 is one of the three most popular Social Science subjects among Vinschool students.

This course allows students to understand the business world through learning about corporations of all sizes and how their businesses are operated. Students also learn about challenges that many entrepreneurs and businesses encounter, as well as their strategies to succeed based on business analysis.

The main components of the course include business environment, marketing, operations management, human resources management, finance and accounting, business strategy, and business. Understanding these concepts creates a strong knowledge foundation for students to continue exploring in-depth other disciplines and subjects related to business.

Moreover, during this course, students have the opportunity to develop their analysis, logical thinking, mathematical modelling and research skills, as well as the ability to effectively process and evaluate information. Students also learn about real-life business problems and how to solve them.

At Vinschool, the business course is more than just learning from textbooks. Students are encouraged to participate in activities that allow them to be part of the business world. They can join business specialists in career workshops hosted by Vinschool and act as “financial specialists” at major finance companies such as Lotte Finance and FPTS.

In addition, Vinsers can participate in student organisations like The VZNIS, where students can gain first-hand business experiences, learn about global issues and discover their business potential through group projects. This is also a valuable opportunity for students to develop essential professional skills such as leadership, debating, and negotiation skills. 

The business programme at Vinschool is a huge success. In 2022, 60 students from Vinschool Harmony and Vinschool Central Park scored A/A* in AS/A-level Business. With these results, along with other outstanding achievements, Vinschool students have been accepted to many universities with top-ranked business programmes such as the University of Cambridge, University of Amsterdam, New York University, University of Miami, Brandeis University, University of Manchester, VinUniversity, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, Monash University, Australian National University, and University of Toronto. 

60 Vinschool students scored A*/A in AS/A-Level Business in 2022

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