Innovative Marketers – The First Marketing Competition Ever Held By Vinsers

Thursday, 10/12/2020, 14:12 (GMT+7)

Innovative Marketers, a new large-scale challenging marketing competition hosted by Vinsers from Vinschool Times City Secondary & High School, turned out to be more successful than expected with the participation of students aged 14-18 from all over the country. It gave Vinsers an opportunity to learn from other students, especially to demonstrate and hone their organizational and leadership skills.

A finale filled with emotions

Using their knowledge, unlimited creativity and self-confidence to present and defend their marketing plans for a line of VinFast electric vehicles, the candidates strongly impressed the panel of judges and the audience in the finale of the Innovative Marketers event on November 22.

cuộc thi marketing

Judges, advisors and finalists of Innovative Marketers

Despite their lack of practical experience, the finalists successfully showcased their creativity and professionalism. In the witness of parents, friends, teachers, and the panel of judges who are experts and Marketing Directors of well-established brands, the 7 teams presented and defended their marketing plans with admiring confidence like true marketers. Their serious attitude and dedication showed how well they had prepared for the competition and their serious attitude towards it. The quality of the candidates amazed the judges even though this competition had never been held before.

Journalist Truong Anh Ngoc, one of the judges, expressed surprisingly: “They are really good and I admire them a lot. These 14 to 17-year-old students were given a practical task and they handled it skillfully using their knowledge, creativity and a touch of imagination”.

cuộc thi marketing

The Banana Splits from Vinschool bursting with happiness upon learning that they had own the competition

To get to the finale, the participating teams had to pass the qualifying round where they were asked to submit video entries tackling the challenge “Plan a marketing strategy for the Cong coffee chain in Malaysia”. 15 entries from different parts of the country were received and the best 7 teams made it to the finale in Hanoi. Some candidates came from very far places like Can Tho or the US, yet the overall spirit was high and the mindset of true marketers was evident.

First time hosting a large-scale marketing competition

Innovative Marketers is a marketing competition initiated by two grade 12 Vinsers from Vinschool Times City Secondary & High School named Le Khanh Ngoc, Former President of the Business Club in her school, and Luu Van Khanh, representative of the school in the finale of the International Trade Challenge – FedEx Express/JA ITC in Malaysia.

Sharing a common passion for business, especially for marketing, and a desire to create a highly academic playground for youngsters and pass on their accumulated experience, the girls decided to organize a competition called Innovative Marketers, attracting high school students across the country.

cuộc thi marketing

Luu Van Khanh (left) and Le Khanh Ngoc (right), grade 12 Vinsers from Vinschool Times City Secondary & High School, Co-chairs of the Organizing Committee of Innovative Marketers

Despite having no prior experience in hosting a large-scale competition, Khanh Ngoc, Van Khanh and 11 other Vinsers from the Business Club were determined to implement their idea with the support of their teachers and advisors. The Organizing Committee took full advantage of their limited human resources to promote the competition among the public via the Innovative Marketers fan page and the academic social networking sites under their management.

Workshops were also held as side events, providing the 7 finalist teams with fundamental knowledge of marketing. “These workshops gave the students an idea of what real-life problems look like and how to solve them. There is no right or wrong answer; what matters is that everyone can voice their opinions. Educators should enable them to do so. And they did it.”, said Journalist Truong Anh Ngoc.

At Vinschool, students are always given the best conditions to promote their leadership and independent learning skills to develop and implement their own ideas by creating career-oriented and highly academic playgrounds that help them pursue their interests.