Grade 11 Vinsers experience securities investment at DNSE Securities Joint Stock Company

Friday, 08/04/2022, 12:04 (GMT+7)

Let us listen to the sharing of Nguyen Vu Dieu Linh, a student of class 11A5, Vinschool Times City High School, about her internship experiences at DNSE Securities Joint Stock Company (DNSE JSC).

During their one-week internship at DNSE JSC, Dieu Linh and her schoolmates had the chance not only to listen to the general introduction to finance securities but also to explore the sector with new terms related to bonds, stocks, markets and so on. In particular, each student, with a virtual account acted as real investors to get to know different jobs in this field under the guidance of experienced financial experts. 

In the first lesson, the students learnt about the history of the financial sector from its early days, as well as the most basic concepts in the sector such as financial intermediaries and different types of assets in securities. As said by Dieu Linh, under the guidance of her teachers, she could understand familiar concepts in the field of securities such as the meaning of “candlesticks” (hammer candlestick or hanging man candlestick, etc.) in trading, or the meaning of the colors in the stock market chart (yellow for the reference price, purple for the ceiling price and green for the floor price).

Throughout the following sessions, Dieu Linh and her friends had the opportunity to get access to many new learning and practice methods. They could also directly experience DNSE’s “Bò và Gấu” (bovagau – Bull and Bear) website, on which unintelligible securities knowledge is turned into understandable things thanks to interesting stories and vivid images. Acting as investors, Dieu Linh and her friends had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with popular stock trading websites and to analyze stock prices. Through their assigned accounts, they could also invest in the businesses that they thought would have a lot of potential for growth during the pandemic season.

“I think investing in stocks is an opportunity to test my patience and to know whether I can take risks or just play it safe. After the one-week internship, I gained a better insight into the sector and found my love for this field even deeper because it brings extremely practical knowledge. Moreover, thanks to the experience shared by DNSE employees, I have a better understanding of the job opportunities that I can get after graduation if I pursue this path.”

Experiencing the working environment of leading enterprises is a great opportunity for Vinsers to have early access to their dream jobs, and to have a more realistic perspective on the sector before making a decision for themselves.

Vinschool’s teaching-learning model for high school students is accompanied by a team of Consultants, i.e., experienced teachers who can give students good advice related to career orientation, study strategies, university application pathways and personal skills development. From the 10th grade, students have been participating in career counseling activities including a series of seminars, exchanges, and talks with experts in their chosen fields, along with taking personality tests, having interviews, and being provided with information about the job market. Therefore, they can choose the subjects that are suitable for their career orientation early. Going into the 11th grade, they will participate in an internship program at an enterprise to deepen their understanding of the field they pursue.

In the internship program held on a periodic basis for high school students, Vinsers will learn about the working environment, development trends of sectors, and have the opportunity to directly meet and learn from their “seniors” at leading enterprises in such fields as Business Administration, Hotel Management, Finance, Education & Training, and Science & Technology. This is said to be an effective career orientation method.