Grade 11 Vinsers experience internships at Movenpick Hotel Group

Monday, 17/01/2022, 11:01 (GMT+7)

Experiential learning is one of the important approaches to subjects at Vinschool. Vinschool students are encouraged to participate in experiential activities in which the Internship Program for high school students is organized periodically to give them professional experiences right from the start.

In the program, students will learn about the working environment and industry development trends, as well as have the opportunity to interact directly with and learn from the “seniors” at leading enterprises in various fields such as Business Administration, Hotel Management, ​​Finance, Education & Training, and Science and technology. This is also an effective career guidance method.

Follow along with the sharing of Vinser Lai Ngoc Son, a student of class 12A5, Vinschool Times City High School, about his experience at the internship at Movenpick Hotel Group.

“Right from the beginning of the 11th grade, the school gave us students a survey on their career aspirations. Based on that, my friends and I were selected to study at the respective businesses. After completing and submitting the internship application, we were notified about the specific requirements of the profession. For example, if you study at the Movenpick hotel, the human resources department informs you about everything from work schedules, dress code, and appropriate appearance when coming to work.

This was a really memorable experience that showed me the most realistic view of the career I wanted to pursue. During my internship, I have learned and experienced working in various departments in a hotel, such as housekeeping, reception, and the kitchen area. I feel that these are all extremely positive experiences. It is true that the hotel management industry is not all about external glamor.

For me, the kitchen department is my favorite part, because here we understand that behind a plate of food is a process of calculating the amount of food, understanding the tastes of the target group, and the close cooperation between the kitchen and food departments. In addition, the part where I felt exhausted and was a bit discouraged when I really experienced it was the front desk, the place that is considered the face of the hotel, displaying everything beautiful and luxurious. But behind that are hours of constantly standing on duty, opening the gate for guests, carrying luggage, and still having to always greet guests with a smile while your feet are tired. However, this was also an extremely interesting experience that made me understand that, in the hotel environment, in order to have the right perspectives and make the right decisions, the manager must first know, understand and experience the position of each employee. This session is definitely a valuable experience that I will never forget.”

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts is a prestigious hotel management brand from Switzerland, with a history of development of nearly 50 years. Movenpick owns a large, fast-growing and constantly expanding market share in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, with 100 hotels and approximately 20,000 rooms in 27 countries. Experiencing the working environment at leading companies like Movenpick will help Vinsers own their own advantages in their profile, and have the opportunity to observe, learn, and gain more realistic perspectives about the work that they love and want to pursue.