“Exploring the jungle”: interesting and rewarding adventure for the little ones

Wednesday, 16/08/2023, 21:08 (GMT+7)

Acting as mini-explorers, a group of Vinsers had an exciting adventure to discover the “secrets” of the jungle. Many of their questions were answered after the event with fascinating activities.

The world of flora and fauna has never been so close and vivid to the children.

The adventure was the first in a series of events with the theme “Summer Adventure in Vinschool Land”, featuring a wide range of activities for children.

It is a great opportunity to cultivate the children’s passion for exploration and creativity, develop friendships, and express themselves as brave and confident global citizens.

With the theme “Exploring the jungle”, the children disguised themselves as wild animals and gained a lot of hilarious experiences.

The children are equipped with knowledge about animals and plants in the jungle, learning about their food and their ways of moving and looking for food.

They excitedly participated in games to explore the mystery of the jungle, such as using mathematical thinking and teamwork skills to “Decrypt Password” or “Rescue animals” through continuous physical games.

Movies and field trips always give children vivid and intuitive lessons. Under the guidance of the teachers, the little Vinsers together discovered interesting and useful knowledge about science and the surrounding world, and learned how to behave civilly and safely when going on a picnic or participating in public activities.

The children were free to express their imagination with activities that stimulate creativity such as drawing silhouettes of animals, and making pictures from plants.

Role-playing in English and dressing up as lovely jungle animals helped children to distinguish the habitats of animals but also practice English skills.


By listening to their teachers telling stories or watching puppet shows featuring stories about the jungle, the children could also be immersed in the fantasy world.

Many children were extremely excited to walk in the streams, grill fish and experience a native American-styled gathering.

The activities in the event were opportunities for Vinsers to practice their analytical, information recognition and judgement, observation and teamwork skills, and improve their confidence and courage. They also contribute to strengthening the children’s self-reliance in activities with teachers and friends. In addition, they increase the children’s awareness of wildlife protection, nurture their love for nature and their responsibility towards environmental protection. Stay tuned for the awesome events of Vinschool children in the near future!