Experts at the Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology appreciate Vinsers’ abilities as researchers

Sunday, 30/06/2019, 15:06 (GMT+7)

Following the introduction of the Vinschool's Gifted and Talented Education Center - GATE Center, 2 groups of Vinschool students have taken part in scientific research alongside experts at the Hanoi Education University and the Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). They appreciated Vinsers' work ethic, attitude and scientific research capacities.

The GATE Center is coaching 2 groups of students to conduct scientific research. Group 1 comprises of Nguyen Tu Minh – Nguyen Phuong Thao (from Vinschool The Harmony Secondary school) and the other includes Trinh Minh Quan – Le Đuc Minh – Tran Thi Quynh Tram (from Vinschool Times City Secondary school).

Participating in major projects for the first time with prestigious institutions

In order to help students gain access to major scientific research projects and to create opportunities for students to conduct research, learn and apply scientific knowledge in their everyday lives, the GATE Center has introduced Vinsers to 2 scientific research projects with leading research institutions. Tu Minh and Phuong Thao are helping with the “Study on stingless bee propolis in Hoa Binh, Viet Nam” project of the VAST; Minh Quan – Đuc Minh and Quynh Tram are helping with the project “Study on the generation of Cordyceps militaris high yield strains by ascosporic hybridization” at the Hanoi University of Education.

Tu Minh and Phương Thao take part in research at the Institute of Marine Biochemistry – Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology

These 2 groups of talented students in the STEM program at the GATE Center are now receiving guidance from specialists at the Institute for Marine Biochemistry at VAST and the Hanoi University of Education on how to conduct their respective scientific research projects.

Aside from familiarizing students with scientific research in general, the GATE Center has also arranged for them to receive direct guidance from Dr. Le Nguyen Thanh – Director of the Center for Research and Development of Pharmaceuticals, under the Institute of Marine Biochemistry (VAST)) and Dr. Le Thi Tuoi, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Viet from Hanoi Education University.

In the future, students will continue to receive guidance and training in order to take part in prestigious international and domestic competitions suitable to the personal development planning for each of them. The GATE Center will also work with experts, to continue to find new opportunities for students to realize their full potential.

These are 2 major projects with high applicability and feasibility. For the bee propolis project, by isolating and identifying anti-bacterial elements in bee propolis, the group will try to combine them into a daily mouthwash, to improve protection for teeth and prevent oral diseases caused by bacteria. The Cordyceps project aims to isolate a type of mushroom to produce optimum variety through sexual hybridization.

During the project, the Vinsers learned and experienced many useful things, Tu Minh shared: “I was able to learn much about biochemistry, about bee propolis, its effects and how to use modern equipment in the lab. Teachers at the GATE Center and other specialists helped me to motivate myself and continue to develop this project”.

Doctors of Science provided direct guidance and appreciated Vinsers’ spirit of research and innovation

Not simply resigned to making introductions, the GATE Center also facilitated students’ mentorship with experts in the field.

Directly in charge of the group comprising Minh Quan – Đuc Minh and Quynh Tram are 2 Doctors in the Biology Department of the Ha Noi University of Education: Doctor of Genetic Engineering – Biochemistry Le Thi Tuoi (graduated from Sun Moon University, South Korea) and Genetics Doctor Nguyen Xuan Viet, Head of Genetics Department (graduated from Okayama University, Japan).

The group with Tu Minh – Phương Thao is under the guidance of Doctor Lê Nguyễn Thành – Doctor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduated from Chonnam National University, Korea), currently Director of the Center for Drug Research & Development under the Institute of Marine Biochemistry (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology).

In the fermentation room at the Department of Biology, Hanoi University of Education, Ph.D. Le Thi Tuoi and Vinschool students are observing and analyzing Cordyceps fungi.
In the lab at the Institute of Marine Biochemistry – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Ph.D. Le Nguyen Thanh is instructing Tu Minh’s group on how to work on the bee propolis project.

It is the Vinsers’ spirit of scientific discovery, their love of learning, their research and hard work, creativity, and seriousness in work that has helped the team to “score” with experts. Dr. Le Thi Tuoi shared: “They are always very proactive and responsible in their work. In particular, they are also creative, have a good memory, and know how to coordinate well with each other in research and experiments. I appreciate their spirit of scientific research and am happy to work with them – students of Vinschool”.

The students are currently completing the project’s final steps and are preparing for the 18th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition to be held in Singapore this July.