Congratulations Vinser Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh on receiving her scholarship from a top university in the world

Monday, 07/03/2022, 14:03 (GMT+7)

“Through 4 years studying at Vinschool, I have experienced a lot to become who I am today.”

Vinser Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh, a student of class 12B2, Vinschool The Harmony, recently received the good news of a 50% scholarship (total value of scholarships worth 3.8 billion VND) from New York University, USA (ranked 26th in the prestigious Times of Higher Education University Rankings 2022). Currently, she is finishing her final year of A-Level Cambridge in the Advanced program of Vinschool.

“I have developed both practical skills and academic knowledge.”

Phuong Anh shared that the experiences at Vinschool, especially in extracurricular activities, have helped her a lot in the process of discovering her passions and strengths. With the opportunity to participate in the management of the project Alluring Vietnam at GATE Center, and many leadership positions in the school’s clubs, such as the Chairman of The Business Club – The VZNIS in 11th grade, she has learned and practiced in fields such as management, marketing, and finance, and since then she has really loved Business.

Phuong Anh and her “colleagues” from the Organizing Committee of the national-scale competition Innovative Marketers.

At Vinschool, one of the Cambridge schools in Vietnam that offers the most choice of A Level subjects, Phuong Anh could also choose her favorite subjects: A Level Business and A Level Economics to have a deeper insight, as well as to hone professional knowledge. From these experiences, Phuong Anh is even more sure that Business is the major she wants to pursue.

Sharing about the reason for choosing New York University, Phuong Anh commented that this is a school with an environment similar to Vinschool, especially in promoting international integration. “My time at Vinschool has made me ready to continue to challenge myself in a diverse environment and compete with many talents from around the world, like New York University!”

“Teachers have had a lot of positive influences on me.”

Since grade 10, Phuong Anh has received close advice from Ms. Wendy Marie Parry, currently the Principal of Vinschool Golden River, on her university plans and the school selection process. When moving to Vinschool The Harmony, Ms. Laura Ann Murphy, Principal of Vinschool The Harmony, always encouraged her and has continued to support her in the learning process as well as in her extracurricular activities. In addition, Phuong Anh also received support throughout the process of preparing documents from her homeroom teacher – Mr. Henry. “I have always felt that he believes in what my friends and I do, and he wants nothing more than for us to be accepted into the school of our dreams,” Phuong Anh expressed.

Phuong Anh gave a speech on the topic “Readers are leaders” at the stage of TEDxVinschoolHanoi 2020.

“I hope that everyone will actively participate in self-development activities early on.”

At the time of applying, Phuong Anh was still holding the position of Head of the Organizing Committee of Innovative Marketers contest, a nationwide marketing competition for young people. Although starting to make applications late, Phuong Anh’s previous extracurricular activities were quite enough because she was always given the opportunity to participate in many projects and competitions by the school. Phuong Anh shared, “For those of you reading these words, I hope you will actively participate in self-development activities during lower secondary school years, and work not only for your resume but also for your own development. Then, each activity you put on your application will be a meaningful manifestation of who you are, and surely the admissions committees of top universities will see it.”

Thank you Phuong Anh for your sharing, and we hope that you will have a truly meaningful journey ahead at New York University!