Congratulations to Vinser Ho Quynh Anh for winning the 100% scholarship of the Medical Doctor Program at VinUniversity

Thursday, 17/02/2022, 11:02 (GMT+7)

Vinser Ho Quynh Anh has successfully received a 100% scholarship of the Medical Doctor Program worth VND 4.9 billion from VinUniversity.

With outstanding academic results including a grade average of 9.4, a 1520 on the SAT (top 1% of the world), a series of medals and high achievements at international academic playgrounds, rich extracurricular activities, and an internship at the hospital, Quynh Anh strongly impressed the Admissions Board. She is currently in grade 12A1 of the Vinschool standard system. 

“Holistic development with academic and extracurricular playgrounds at Vinschool”

In addition to academic excellence, Quynh Anh is a testament to the comprehensive educational philosophy at Vinschool as she participated in a wide range of community projects, extracurricular activities and sports. Vinschool believes that each student is a unique individual with unique strengths, so students will be provided with a variety of learning paths and support to expand and develop their capabilities. 

Quynh Anh has made a mark on a series of prestigious academic playgrounds, including the Gold Medal of the Scholar’s Cup International Academic Competition in the finals at Yale University, USA; the Asian International Mathematics Olympic Bronze Medal and the Hong Kong International Mathematics Olympic Bronze Medal.  Not only that, Quynh Anh is also very active in extracurricular activities, and began showing leadership when she was the co-founder of the first science club at Vinschool, creating a playground to exchange knowledge for students who share a passion for science, spreading their inspiration to other students at the school. In particular, Quynh Anh is a female student who is very focused on sportsmanship. In 2020 alone, she won 4 Gold Medals for the Hanoi swimming competition. 

“Internship placement at Duc Giang Hospital helped me to be more determined with my passion.”

Sharing about the process of preparing applications for VinUni, Quynh Anh said experiential learning is one of the most important learning approaches at Vinschool. Vinschool students are encouraged to participate in hands-on experiential activities, and when they are in high school, Vinschool offers Internship programs to provide them with professional experiences.

For Quynh Anh personally, it was the opportunity to participate in an internship at Duc Giang General Hospital. Having that experience in the medical profession has helped her strengthen and solidify her passion. In addition, the role of academic advisors was also extremely important. Quynh Anh said, “During the preparation process, the academic advisors gave me the SAT roadmap, and worked together with me to summarize the most outstanding achievements for the application profile.” Quynh Anh also especially thanked Ms. Trang, who supported her from commenting on the essay to completing the application, and with many words of encouragement before the interview.

“I want to become a doctor to learn more about my sister’s condition.”

When asked about her motivation to pursue a medical doctor program, Quynh Anh mentioned two keywords: cerebral palsy and grandmother. Quynh Anh shared, “My sister has cerebral palsy, which makes her unable to move, think and develop her behaviour as a normal person. In the past, because I didn’t understand what was happening to her, my sister and I often had disputes. Later, when I listened to my mother’s sharing, I started to understand her illness. At the time, I thought that maybe when my parents are no longer here, she will have to solely rely on just me brother.” With her love for her sister, Quynh Anh used to look into a lot of documents related to cerebral palsy, but the existing research has not gone deep on this particular condition. That’s why she has to go deeper into medicine – to be able to learn more about her sister’s condition. 

Another factor that led Quynh Anh to decide to pursue her passion as a doctor was her grandmother, who had served as head of Internal Medicine I at the Air Defense – Air Force Hospital. After learning that she was the best heart rate reader in the hospital and contributed a lot in severe cases, Quynh Anh feels admiration and is eager to become a good doctor like her grandmother.

“VinUni is the best environment for me to develop the skills of a doctor.”

Sharing the reasons for choosing the school, Quynh Anh said that she has been interested in VinUni since she first heard about the school in the admission workshop at Vinschool in the 9th grade. “During my studies at Vinschool, the school has given me many opportunities to experience and express my own personality. Therefore, I think that other educational environments of Vingroup will also be where I can develop my full potential.” After thoroughly studying both the facilities and the curriculum, Quynh Anh feels that VinUni is the best environment for her to equip herself with skills important for her journey to become a talented doctor. 

For those of you who are about to interview for a scholarship, Quynh Anh recommends that you read your essay and your portfolio carefully, as professors are more likely to have questions related to these two sections when interviewing. In addition, Quynh Anh also noted that the application should be prepared early to collect all the certificates of extracurricular activities because a rich and comprehensive application will be very impressive in the eyes of the admission office.

Thank you Quynh Anh for your sharing, and we hope that you will always be successful on the path to becoming a talented doctor!