Congratulations to Ngo Minh Chau on winning full scholarship to Yonsei University, one of top 3 prestigious universities in South Korea

Friday, 15/04/2022, 09:04 (GMT+7)

Ngo Minh Chau, a Vinschool alumnus, has won a 100% scholarship to major in Culture and Design Management at Yonsei University - one of the three most prestigious universities in South Korea.

“My time at Vinschool helped me realize my passion.”

Minh Chau said that her experiences at Vinschool, especially those gained through extracurricular activities, helped her a lot in the process of exploring her passion and strengths. By participating in some clubs as a Vice President and Head of Communications and hosting many major events at the school, Minh Chau found many opportunities to improve her confidence and develop her communication and content creation skills, thereby helping her find her passion.

“What I’ve learnt at Vinschool helped me win the scholarship.”

Yonsei University is considered as one of the three most prestigious universities in South Korea. In 2020, it also became one of the only four universities in the country to enter into the world’s rankings of universities, rankings such as the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, etc. As a top university, Yonsei University is also well-known among South Korean students for its high competitiveness.

Winning a scholarship from Yonsei University is an impressive achievement, especially for a foreign student like Minh Chau. When asked about the “secret” to the achievement, she said, “I’m really pleased with my performance in the interview with the school’s Admissions Committee. The debating activities that I usually took part in at school helped improve my reflexes, so I could confidently answer the all questions.”

“My teachers helped me a lot with my future orientation.”

As said by Minh Chau, when she was a Vinser, she regularly got useful advice on future orientation from the teachers of the Academic Counseling Office. With the teaching-learning model at Vinschool high school, students and parents are enthusiastically supported by the school counselors who are teachers with a lot of experience in career orientation, study strategy development, college application and personal skill improvement. When Minh Chau prepared her dossier for studying abroad, the advisors also gave her suggestions and instructions on how to write her essay.

Regarding the reason for choosing the major of Culture and Design Management (CDM), Minh Chau said that she loves to create content through multimedia channels, so she chose this major to pursue her passion. “Creative content requires profound understanding of the production process as well as the culture. That’s the key point. I want to apply my skills and experience to create a unique and meaningful advertising campaign and eliminate malicious ones. I want to spread the message of humanity to everyone.”

Thank you very much for your sharing, Minh Chau. May you make your dreams come true and achieve more successes in the future!

Founded in 1885, Yonsei University belongs to a group of three of the most prestigious universities known as SKY in South Korea. With a very competitive ratio of 1:20, South Korean students often say that it is extremely difficult to be admitted to Yonsei University or SKY schools. Yonsei University is proud to train many generations of famous alumni who have become successful as politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists, among them are Koo Bon Moo, Former Chairman of LG Group ; Kim Woo Choong, former Chairman of Daewoo Group; Chung Mong-hun, Former Chairman of Hyundai Group; and Jung- Suk Koh, Co-CEO of Samsung C&T.