Congratulations to medal winner Ho Tan Khoi at the Math Global team competition in Singapore

Wednesday, 15/05/2019, 15:05 (GMT+7)

At the Singapore Math Global Team Competition 2018 which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ho Tan Khoi, a student of Class 3B3, Vinschool Central Park Primary School won the Bronze Medals for himself and his team.

The Singapore Math Global Team Competition is Asia’s largest annual Math competition with over 20,000 participants. This is an arena for students who have an aptitude and passion for Maths, where they can mix with and challenge themselves against competitors from around the world.  Tan Khoi was invited by SIMCC (Singapore International Math Contests Centre) to participate in the competition. His tuition scholarship and competition costs were fully paid by SST.

Ho Tan Khoi, a student of Class 3B3 at Vinschool Central Park Primary School won Bronze Medal for himself and his team at the Singapore Math Global Team Competition.

Demonstrating enormous passion for Math at his early age, Tan Khoi especially loves to participate in national and international Math competitions. His friends and teachers always feel Khoi’s love for numbers. In addition to studying Math at school, Khoi also finds more ways to solve advanced problems using Math through reading books and searching the Internet.

We took great pride in Vinser Tan Khoi when he won the international Math competition in the national colours of Vietnam.

Tan Khoi said, “Math is my favorite subject. My parents encourage me and my teachers support me by helping me solve many difficult problems in Math. The more I learn, the more I love to find answers to advanced problems in Math. At first, I was a little nervous when competing with other students. But I was also confident that with careful preparation, I could do it.”