Career orientation for students from high school at Vinschool

Friday, 08/04/2022, 12:04 (GMT+7)

During the conference "Discovering excellent schools at Vinschool", which took place on February 26, parents and students of the High Schools joined together with Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Ngoc, Representative of the Board of Directors of Vinschool High School, to discuss the early career orientation for students in the session "University model" – New options for High School.

With the teaching-learning model at Vinschool High School, students and parents are supported by academic advisors who are experienced teachers in career orientation, study strategy mentoring, college application pathways and personal skills development for students. According to the mentoring program at Vinschool, as Ms. Thuy Ngoc shared:

  • In grade 10, students participate in many seminars, exchange activities, and talk with experts in their chosen field. They take personality and profiling assessments, and get provided information about the job market to guide their future career. From there, students can choose subjects that suit their interests and passions.
  • In grade 11, they participate in industry experiences, internship programs at enterprises, and take part in more in-depth career-oriented activities.
  • The 12th grade will be a “sprint” period to advise students on their choice of University and scholarship application.

Vinschool has also developed a Career Guidance and University Application Handbook which aims to provide students and parents with updates related to industry sectors, career trends, university information, application methods, and scholarships at local and international universities as well as a lot of other useful information.

In particular, in addition to individual and group mentoring sessions, the Academic Advisory Office will organize activities and events throughout the school year to help students navigate the future. These events will include areas covering career experience days, exhibitions at domestic and foreign universities, knowledge learning week, skills development workshops, academic knowledge, etc.

Let’s explore the career orientation activities for students organized by the Learning Advisor Office through the photos below:

The orientation workshop, where Vinsers are inspired by the stories and sharings of the guest speakers, provides more motivation to excel the series of important exams of high school.
Internship Week provides an opportunity for Vinsers to experience the working environment, learning from the “foreground” at leading enterprises in areas such as Business Administration, Hotel Management, Finance, Education & Training, and Science & Technology.
Series of events that develop skills and academic knowledge such as the Psychology Forum and the Economic Forum where Vinsers are the leaders.
Exhibition of leading universities in the country such as National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, and Polytechnic University.
International universities fair with renowned universities such as Rochester University – USA (ranked 16* in the world for Performing Arts), Lancaster University – UK (ranked 51* in the world for Financial Accounting), Sydney University – Australia (ranked 38* in the world), and Auckland University – New Zealand (ranked 85* in the world).