AS/A-Level Economics Programme at Vinschool: Solving economic problems as high school students, maximizing potential in college

Wednesday, 05/10/2022, 16:10 (GMT+7)

Students who complete the Economics programme at Vinschool will have a remarkable advantage when applying to top-ranked universities in Vietnam and around the world.

The programme provides a solid foundation for students to be well-prepared for economics related programmes at higher-education institutions and become highly skillful after they graduate. The course is useful for all students to understand the world around them, and especially advantageous for those interested in careers in economics, business and finance.

The Economics programme at Vinschool is based on the Cambridge International AS & A-Level Economics 9708 course. The programme helps students develop abilities and skills that top-ranked universities and major corporations value. Participating in the programme, students form a deep understanding of important economic concepts, develop high-order thinking skills, and become more proficient in independent learning and research. 

The Economics programme at Vinschool also supports students in developing a set of transferable academic skills. These include working with numerical information, thinking logically and independently, thinking mathematically, analysing research results and interpreting these results. 

Why should young students study Economics? 

Understanding the economy and economists’ insights is very beneficial. In the real world, economists are among the most influential people because what they have to say often affects the way that the world works, creating long-lasting effects on everyone’s life. Economists are concerned about a wide range of issues commonly discussed on TV and social media, such as potential solutions for climate change, important steps to financially recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, measures to aid poor countries, and price increases of basic commodities.

The Economics programme consists of 2 main components, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics is the study of consumers and producers. Macroeconomics is the study of national and global economies. Studying Economics means spending time explaining and anticipating changes that affect the development of a country or many countries.

Throughout the programme, students’ progress is evaluated via comprehension questions, data responses, and research papers. Rather than being tested on the ability to memorise information, students will be assessed for their ability to thoroughly comprehend key concepts, and to analyse and evaluate economic problems. 

Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Anh, a student of Class 12B2 of the A-Level Cambridge Program at Vinschool Harmony, has been awarded a 50% scholarship from New York University, a prestigious institution ranked #25 among top national universities in the United States. According to Phuong Anh, the A-Level Economics course at Vinschool helped her gain in-depth knowledge about economic issues and develop a range of high-order thinking skills to attain outstanding extracurricular achievements related to finance, business and management that created a strong impression during the admission process. 

To know more about study programs available at Vinschool, parents and students can email [email protected] or call 18006511 (choose a language then press 1).