Another 2 Vinschool campuses became CIS members

Tuesday, 28/07/2020, 17:07 (GMT+7)

After the first 3 Vinschool locations (including 7 campuses) became members of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and completed the Preparatory Evaluation stage, another 2 campuses have recently acquired official CIS membership right in the first round of evaluation, namely:

  • Vinschool Thang Long Primary and Secondary school
  • Vinschool Green Bay Primary school

This achievement not only means so much to Vinschool Thang Long and Vinschool Green Bay teachers and students but also brings great honor to the entire Vinschool system.


In March 2019, the first 3 of Vinschool locations were officially granted CIS membership, marking a milestone in the history of Vinschool. Since then, the whole system has made continuous efforts to improve itself in every aspect, from operation to the curriculum and teacher quality, so as to meet the stringent requirements of CIS.

To acquire CIS membership, Vinschool campuses had to satisfy 20 core standards in 8 domains, specifically:

  • Purpose and Direction
  • Governance, ownership, and leadership
  • The curriculum
  • Teaching and assessing for learning
  • Student well-being
  • Staffing
  • Premises, facilities, technology systems, and auxiliary services
  • Community and home partnerships

In their virtual visit, CIS evaluators were surprised by and highly appreciated the fact that their recommendations for the 3 Vinschool locations had been thoroughly applied across the Vinschool network. That reveals a high level of consistency within the system and Vinschool’s serious attitude towards improving its quality and creating the best learning environment for students.

Particularly, through virtual classroom observations and interviews with School Board representatives, teachers, parents and students, CIS evaluators complimented the 2 Vinschool campuses on:

  • Teaching and learning quality: a variety of differentiated and interactive instruction strategies are applied.
  • Students have their voices heard and given leadership training
  • The school community shares a common definition of and commitment to intercultural learning and global citizenship education.
  • Parents, students and the school can benefit from a positive community.

Acquiring CIS membership is the first step of all Vinschool campuses towards achieving world-class education. The goal of Vinschool is to have some campuses accredited by CIS in the near future and the remaining campuses to be recognized as CIS members in the following academic years.


The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a world’s leading educational accreditation organization with demanding criteria and standards for internationally recognized schools. After acquiring the CIS membership status, schools must go through a rigorous accreditation process which requires them to satisfy all CIS standards in 8 domains in order to be fully accredited.

CIS member schools have these things in common:

  • A desire to equip students with the knowledge and skills required of global citizens
  • Commitment to delivering high-quality, world-class education