Air pollution-tackling robot model earns Vinsers double win at World Robot Olympiad

Tuesday, 24/11/2020, 11:11 (GMT+7)

On November 15th 2020, the Mobile Battery Exchange System developed by a group of 3 students from the Vinschool Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Center left a significant imprint on the 2020 World Robot Olympiad (WRO). This air pollution-tackling robot model won the 2020 LEGO Education Creativity Award and made it to the Top 4 of the Open Category Senior (16-19 years old).


Greentopia’s introduction of their Mobile Battery Exchange System at WRO 2020

Journey to the double win

Vinser đạt giải robot quốc tế

Greentopia team, comprised of Trinh Kieu Trinh, Nguyen Tue Minh and Do Mai Ha Anh – 3 talented Vinsers with special interest in Robotics, comes from the GATE Center

In response to the theme “Climate Squad”, Greentopia brought their Mobile Battery Exchange System to WRO 2020.

“Our idea is to install a robot model on city buses which hands out fully charged batteries and collect used ones. Via a mobile app, drivers can locate the nearest buses with the robot model and exchange or return batteries when arriving at the bus stop. This solution encourages the use of electric motorcycles in replacement of gas-powered ones, a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.” shared Do Mai Ha Anh, a member of the Greentopia team.

Vinser đạt giải robot quốc tế

Mobile Battery Exchange System

With their proposal, Vinsers strongly impressed the Panel of judges in Canada during the online interview. They commented: “Greentopia has come up with a very creative and realistic solution to a local problem. This solution utilized the available public transportation network and developed a system and a strategy that can be used to exchange empty batteries for full batteries as they drive their electric scooters through the city”.

This creative idea earned Greentopia double win in the finale of WRO 2020:

  • Top 4 of Open Category Senior (16-19 years old)
  • 2020 LEGO Education Creativity Award

Vinser đạt giải robot quốc tế

Congratulations on Vinsers’ deserving victory at WRO 2020! Thanks to the dedicated mentoring of the GATE Center every step of the way, the fruits of their hard work taste sweeter than anything else.


The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is an annual robotics competition for young people around the globe. Participating teams need to apply their knowledge of science, engineering and math as well as robot programming and assembly skills to creatively solve the problems raised by the Organizer. First held in 2004 in Singapore, WRO has attracted over 26,000 teams from more than 65 countries worldwide, including the US, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and so on. “Climate Squad” was chosen as the theme of WRO 2020 in the hope of finding innovative ideas to develop robots that help human beings adapt better to climate change and overcome its associated risks.