100% of Vinschool students taking AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and 2D Art and Design exams scored 4/5 and 5/5

Wednesday, 15/09/2021, 09:09 (GMT+7)

Excellent AP (Advanced Placement) results will help students accumulate college credits from high school, gain competitive advantages when applying for vacancies, and shorten their course work at university.

Good news has come to Vinsers in grades 10 and 11 who took the AP Program in AY 2020-2021 in the following 8 subjects: AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science A, AP 2D Art & Design, and AP Calculus. According to the latest results from the College Board, Vinschool students have achieved impressive results:

  • 83% were graded 3/5 or above
  • 50% received a perfect score of 5/5 – Extremely well-qualified
  • 100% of exam takers for AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Micro, AP Macro, and AP Art and Design scored 4/5 – Very well-qualified and 5/5 – Extremely well-qualified

In particular, 100% of the students taking the AP Chemistry exam received a perfect score of 5/5, much higher than the average scores of both Vietnamese students and global students, which are 3.67/5 and 2.66/5 respectively.

The average grade for AP Macroeconomics of Vinschool students is 4.5/5 (While the average score of non-AP Vietnamese students is 4.13 and non-AP global students is 2.74).

Congratulations to the two outstanding Vinsers who scored full marks in their chosen subjects:

  • Chu Manh Duc – Class 11A1, Vinschool Times City High School: double perfect score 5/5 in AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics.
  • Nguyen Tu Minh – Grade 11B1, Vinschool The Harmony High School: double perfect points 5/5 in AP Biology and AP Chemistry.

Participating in a highly challenging academic program requires knowledge and skills on par with undergraduate programs, which Vinsers have demonstrated through their outstanding academic achievement and self-study capability. With AP scores from 3/5 or above, students will have the opportunity to gain college credits and be exempt from the equivalent subjects at many universities around the world. Therefore, this result brings a great advantage to students, not only helping them save time and tuition but also preparing them early for the university journey later on.

“In the beginning of newly participating in these AP subjects, I felt strangely excited about the fact that these two subjects were included in the Bachelor of Business Administration, which I was planning to pursue upon graduating. The AP programs are taught and examined entirely in English, accompanied by a large amount of self-study materials. However, with the guidance, instruction and relentless support from the staff of the Academic Counseling Department, as well as the experience of sharing with senior classmates, I gained more confidence, knew how to study effectively, and I achieved results within my expectation,” Chu Manh Duc shared.

At Vinschool, the AP program is implemented for students grade 9 to 12. Students are encouraged to choose AP subjects that are suitable for their areas of interest, are in areas where they excel academically, and are relevant to their future college majors. In addition to participating in AP classes that are highly interactive among teachers and fellow classmates, students also have access to the rich resources of the College Board such as curriculum, video lectures of exam questions, reviews, etc.  The school also organizes intensive classes to support students to review knowledge and hone their skills and exam-taking strategies.


Advanced Placement, or commonly referred to as AP, is an exam organized by the College Board – a non-profit educational association representing more than 6,000 leading universities and educational institutions in the world. According to College Board statistics, nearly 90% of universities in the US and Canada give priority to students with AP certificates and 31% of schools give priority to students with AP when awarding scholarships.

Courses in the AP program are equivalent to those taken in the first year of college. Students will study and take the AP exam entirely in English. The AP score scale is from 1 to 5, and many universities grant credit for the corresponding subject scores of 3 and above.