The Grade 9 Graduation Ceremony – Goodbye Teachers, Friends, Farewell Metropolis, Farewell Batch 2020 – 2024

Thursday, 04/07/2024, 15:07 (GMT)

“May 31 has arrived, yet right at this moment, I and my fellow students wish time would slow down so we could stay together longer, wanting to do things just like any other day in these nearly 300 days we’ve shared.” – Đặng Thanh Hương.

So after 300 days at school, we bid farewell to the 2020-2024 batch together, the “most adorable” batch on May 31 recently.

Perhaps everything needs just two more words, “finally,” to become sacred. And the Metropolis 9-9 graduation ceremony that day wasn’t just about receiving diplomas; it was also a wonderful moment to remember dreams, the people who shared this memorable milestone, and it was also the “last time” being a Vinsers of Metropolis.

The Grade 9 Graduation Ceremony at Vinschool Metropolis

Batch “most adorable” <2020-2024>

  • 9A1 – When mentioning 9A1, one would immediately think of the slogan “class 3T”: Love, friendliness, and kindness
  • 9A2 – A group with strong cohesion, where 2 are as 1; although a collective, there’s always consensus and unity
  • 9A3 – A group full of passion and positive energy. From each individual student, 9A3 has come together, sharing a common spirit to create countless memorable moments
  • 9A4 – A group rich in emotions despite its diversity
  • 9B1 – The 9B1 picture prominently features “super athletes,” “super English speakers,” but also plenty of “super mischief” and “super fun.”
  • 9B2 – 9B2 “small but mighty,” always a formidable opponent in every aspect.
The Grade 9 Graduation Ceremony at Vinschool Metropolis