The Grade 5 Graduation Ceremony at Vinschool Grand Park Primary School

Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 09:06 (GMT)
When the red phoenix petals flaunted themselves in the sunlight and the purple linden branches bloomed in the familiar corner of the school yard, the young students of Vinschool Grand Park Primary School whispered: Summer vacation is almost here!
Every summer brings not only relaxation and joy, but also profound sadness due to the separation between close friends, between students and teachers. Especially for Vinsers in grade 5, this year’s summer is very meaningful: They have finished an important level of school, preparing themselves for adulthood.
On the afternoon of May 31, the students and their parents were busy adjusting their costumes, immersing themselves in the vibrant melody of “Waving flag”, looking forward to “Wonderful Summer”, then listening to the music. Thinking about the “First Lessons”, about teachers and parents, when “When I grew up I still cried”.
The moment the children confidently stepped onto the stage to receive the Certificate of Completion of the Primary School Program, there were proud, satisfied smiles, as well as sparkling tears in the eyes of the children and the teacher. She and her parents – at the end of a journey full of memories.
In the moment of farewell, the students received instructions from Principal Ho Ngoc Ha: “Vinsers of grade 5, please continue to try to assert yourself in the next journey. Prove that after today’s final closing ceremony, you are ready to become brave high school students, with a desire to conquer new areas of knowledge. And remember that that journey is always accompanied by parents and teachers.” All the children chanted the slogan We love Vinschool Grand Park as an affirmation that they will be determined to do what she advised.
What remains in the hearts of the students are the words of gratitude and gratitude to teachers of Nguyen Trang Thao Nhu of class 5A5:
“There is a profession that does not plant trees in the soil
Blooming again for life with sweet fruits and fragrant flowers”
Along with that, Vu Pham Truc Linh of class 5B1, representing the students, sent gratitude to their parents for their efforts in raising and caring for them – “all the things my parents do just to make me successful in the future.” hard work, continue to write brilliant years”. Sunflowers were given by Vinsers to their parents as if to convey all their love and promise that “we will always shine brightly to welcome the new sunshine”.
Vinschool Grand Park Primary School thanks you and your parents for accompanying the school, goodbye and love you so much!