Vinschool Metropolis Summer Camp 2024: Conclusion Of The Journey Of An Art Summer Camp

Thursday, 04/07/2024, 11:07 (GMT)

The journey 1 – The brilliant beginning of the Art Summer Camp has come to a conclusion, and students must have had memorable and enriching experiences here with many creative and interesting activities.

Under the guidance of Mr. Trương Triều Dương, over 3 weeks of study, students participated in creative activities in useful lessons, divided into different themes each week:

  • Week 1 – Exploring colors
  • Week 2 – Fashion design
  • Week 3 – Learning and practicing pottery making
Students participated in creative activities which divided into different themes

Throughout the entire summer camp, students tried their hand at various genres and materials, creating many different artworks. The wonderful final products were exhibited in a ‘small-scale exhibition.’


Many different artworks were exhibited in the exhibition

The closing ceremony marked the end of the first journey titled ‘Brilliant Beginning,’ full of joy and excitement at the Art Summer Camp, but it is not the end of creativity for all of you nor our summer. Therefore, we look forward to seeing you again in upcoming journeys, equally wonderful, at Vinschool Summer Camp 2024 in general, and specifically at the Art Summer Camp.