The “English Me” project at Vinschool Central Park Kindergarten

Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 13:06 (GMT)

The “English Me” project has witnessed progress in improving the English skills of young Vinsers at Vinschool kindergarten.

Impressive numbers that the young Vinsers have achieved in the project:

  • Attracting 80% of school students to participate;
  • 62% (reaching 115% compared to the beginning of the school year) of the total number of students have achieved at least 80% of the goals of remembering, understanding the meaning and using vocabulary in learned topics;
  • 569 products created by students, including images and videos. This number has increased by 45% compared to the previous school year.

The school would like to thank the active companionship and coordination of students and parents during the project implementation process.