The Graduation Ceremony for Alvin Students in the class of 2024

Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 15:06 (GMT)

The ceremony is an opportunity to look back on the learning and development journey of preschool students, marking the end of an important stage in the students’ learning journey. This is also the time to emphasize the skills that students have been equipped with during their time at preschool, helping them be confident and ready to enter primary school.

The ceremony provided emotional moments where students could feel joy and gratitude. At the same time, parents and teachers are also proud and cheer for their children’s achievements.Students demonstrate confidence and maturity through hosting and performing musical performances, showing what they have learned and developed over the past time.

The ceremony is not only a memorable event for the students, but also an opportunity to honor the efforts of teachers and the companionship of parents throughout the learning process.