The basketball teams Vinschool created miracle at the School Basketball Festival 2024

Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 16:06 (GMT)

“For the first time, a school participated in 1 event with 2 basketball teams, in which 1 team that was all 4th graders at the City Basketball tournament, and the special thing was that both teams won the prize,” the organizers of the School Basketball Festival 2024 shared.

The two basketball teams Vinschool A (the 5th-grader team) and Vinschool B (the 4th-grader-gifted team) of Vinschool Central Park Primary created miracle at this year’s tournament:

  • Vinschool A Team, with their mature manner in technique and physique, excellently surpassed the opponents to win the first position of the tournament. Nguyen Khoa personally won the primary school MVP title
  • For Vinschool B Team, the students themselves are the interesting element of the tournament this year. The 4th grade students took part in the tournament with the core spirit of learning and gaining experience. However, they won many older and experienced opponents and were only defeated by Vinschool A students in the Semi-finals and gained the bronze medal. They have proven themselves to be the trustworthy successor force

The entire basketball team would like to send our sincere thanks to the School Board for supporting, encouraging and helping the team throughout the training progress. Thank you all parents for your companionship throughout the tournament journey.

And the teacher also send the special thanks to all students, the wonderful Vinser warriors who have always been determined and overcome difficulties in every situation.We had a season full of interesting factors: Bright sunshine – Torrential rain – Arriving early and coming home late – and titles. Congratulations for all!