Liitle Vinsers From Alvin Group Age Conquer English Reading Skills With The “Blending Bee” Contest

Thursday, 11/07/2024, 16:07 (GMT)

In order to create opportunities for the students to get familiar with English competitions, the school organized the “Blending Bee Competition” last May, which left many great impressions in the hearts of our Vinsers and parents.

Participating in the contest not only helped the students practice their reading skills but also have an opportunity to enhance their concentration and confidence. Since launching the class round competition, the teachers have received enthusiastic responses from children and parents. The children worked very hard in reviewing their knowledge and showed their bravery and concentration.

The student selected the question kit for his competition 
The student concentrated on, listened to the teacher talking about the contest regulations.

In the school-level competition held on May 15th and 16th, the content of the contest was a synthesis of phonetic knowledge, including different rounds: Sounding – Segmenting and Blending – Sight words (Common words) – Unscramble words (Rearrange words) – Reading sentence. The contestants went through each round confidently and demonstrated their skills, making their parents and the judges extremely surprised. The children applied reading strategies to easily read the given words and sentences correctly.

Congratulations on winning the first prize of the contest 
Gifts for Top 5 – Finalists
The teachers and the parents have been very proud of your positive progress

Joining in the “BLENDING BEE” contest, the children have had opportunities and experiences to grow more every day. The phonetic skills cultivated and applied in reading English have been clearly demonstrated, too.