Explore Special Summer Programs With Vinschool Times City

Thursday, 11/07/2024, 13:07 (GMT)

Come to Vinschool Summer Camp – where each student has the opportunity to develop comprehensively, pursue their passion and shine with their own talents.

The summer program at Vinschool is specially designed and diverse with areas such as:

  • VINSCHOOL SUMMER DISCOVERY SUMMER CAMP: Explore a new learning space through three unique programs.
Summer Discovery Summer Camp
  • ENGLISH SUMMER CAMP: Led by experienced foreign teachers. Students will enhance their vocabulary, communication and presentation skills, collaboration and critical thinking skills.
English Summer Camp
  • SUMMER ART CAMP: Students have the opportunity to express themselves and develop their creativity through unique experiences.
Summer Art Camp
  • SUMMER SPORTS CAMP: A place where sports passion is expressed and developed through professional and exciting activities.
Summer Sport Camp – Karate
  • SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SUMMER CAMP: Endless journey of discovery in the world of 4.0 technology
Robotics – Science And Technology Summer Camp

With the guidance and teaching of a team of experienced teachers at Vinschool Times City, the Vinschool Summer Camp program promises to bring students a more exciting, rewarding and memorable summer than ever before.