Continuing The Dream Journey Through The Project “You Deserve It” Of Vinschool Times City Primary School

Thursday, 11/07/2024, 14:07 (GMT)

The “YOU DESERVE IT” scholarship is an educational charity project of Vinschool Times City Primary School implemented in 2020.

The project not only helps students from difficult backgrounds narrow the gap in educational conditions and opportunities for success like their peers in the city, but also inspires them to continue spreading knowledge and compassion to the community.


After 2 years of implementation, 4 students in Ha Nam province who received scholarships from the “You Deserve It” project have not only made progress in their studies but also changed their ways of thinking. They have gained more motivation to be more confident and optimistic in life.To fulfill its long-term mission of encouraging learning, Vinschool Times City Primary School has decided to disburse scholarships monthly to 4 students. Up to the present, the scholarship fund has disbursed 30 million VND to each student, and the project will continue in the upcoming academic year 2024-2025.

Vinschool Times City believes that with the “You Deserve It” scholarship project, students not only gain economic resources but also opportunities for support and direction to become more successful in the future, contributing value to the community through their talents.