Alvin students conquer English reading skills with “Blending Bee” Contest

Saturday, 18/05/2024, 16:05 (GMT)

Our Alvin Vinsers at Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten participated in the “Blending bee” contest recently. This is not only a playground to help children show off their English skills, but also an opportunity to help the students interact and learn from their friends as well as to show their confidence in front of their parents, teachers.

In the final round, the contestants were “equal in talent” as they took turns demonstrating the skills they had learned in the Phonics program such as: sounding, blending and reading:

  • Say it right – candidates read simple sounds, tricky words, or high frequency words.
  • Blend it right – contestants compete in pairs, showing quick responses when pressing the bell to gain the right to blend CVC words.
  • Read it right – demonstrates the candidate’s ability to read sentences and paragraphs, for the 10 students with the best scores through the first two rounds.

After three challenging rounds, prizes were awarded to the three best contestants:

First prize: Nguyen Ba Anh Khoa from Alvin 2 class

Second prize: Vo Tu Anh and Pham Moc Cam of Alvin B1 class

Let’s follow the “Alvin little bees” of Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten on an exciting journey!