A “Fun Farm” picnic with Vinschool Imperia Vinsers

Thursday, 25/04/2024, 19:04 (GMT)

Our young Vinsers from Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten had a field trip at the “Love in Farm” farm. The trip allowed students to learn outside the classroom and explore farming work. Here, young Vinsers are transformed into “farmers” and participate in interesting experiential activities such as growing vegetables, harvesting agricultural products like cucumbers and tomatoes, and feeding animals like goats, rabbits, and pigeons. They have gained more understanding of the lives of Vietnamese farmers and appreciate the value of labor; At the same time, they will exercise, and practice perseverance, meticulousness, and a love for nature and the surrounding environment. 

 At the end of the trip, the children learned more about how to produce fresh food they eat every day and became familiar with fresh colorful rural life. Our young Vinsers are trained in teamwork, effective communication, and a spirit of perseverance in the face of challenges when participating in a working day experience of farmers.

Let’s follow our Vinschool Imperia’s “little farmers” and see how interesting the picnic is!

nong trai 5

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