Annoucement Re: Refund policy for students’ time-off from school due to Covid-19 pandemic

Dear valued Parents,

Vinschool Board of Directors would like to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to you and your family. Our sincere thanks go to you and all Vinschool students for being very supportive of us and our teachers in running online lessons to prevent interruptions in student learning during this turbulent time.

As you may know,

The global Covid-19 pandemic has been seriously affecting various countries worldwide, including Vietnam, with its aftermath being felt clearly in almost every field, especially education. As you can see, the majority of schools across the world were shut down for the same unprecedented reason; and in Vietnam, students have been out of school from February 03, 2020.

In face of that situation, Vinschool has taken timely, effective actions to save student learning from being interrupted. Right after being informed of the State authorities’ direction to extend students’ time-off from school in order to curb the Covid-19 outbreak, we decided to implement online learning among all Vinschool students. Our online classes have been going very well with the number of participating students accounting for 90-100%. This proves that both Vinschool teachers and students are prepared well for the unexpected.

For Kindergarten students, Vinschool has facilitated home-based learning by sending out weekly letters associated with the themes of the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) so that parents can help their children study from home. Alvin students have embarked on our online classes under the guidance of their Homeroom teachers and expat teachers, thus getting ready for Primary grades.

The productive, continuous online lessons during this time of Covid-19 are greatly attributed to the incessant effort of our devoted teachers. Vinschool has urgently made financial and human investments in an online learning management platform called LMS. With LMS, our students can learn with their teachers via interesting videos and have access to a wide range of lectures, exercises and tests available on Vinschool’s e-Learning platform anytime and anywhere.

As a non-profit education system funded by Vingroup, besides getting financial support from the parent company to carry out transformation and stay responsive to the unexpected, Vinschool has been able to share the burden with valued Parents during this difficult time thanks to the helping hand of Vingroup.

Vinschool Board of Directors would like to inform you of the refund policy for students’ time-off from school due to the Covid-19 pandemic as follows:

  • Tuition fees:
    • For Kindergartens: 100% refund of tuition fees during the months off from school as from February 03, 2020, after the tuition fees of makeup classes are deducted.
    • For Primary, Secondary and High schools: 70% refund of tuition fees during the months off from school with home-based learning. Please note that the tuition fees from the time students are back to school and during the makeup time will be equal to 100% of the regular fees.
  • Other school fees:
    • Caregiving and bus service fees (if any): 100% refund of service fees during the months off from school as from February 03, 2020, after the corresponding service fees incurred during the makeup time are deducted.
    • Fees for school supplies and experience-based activities: 100% refund of balance, after the fees spent during the months of school-based learning and during the makeup time are deducted.
  • The refund of school fees is only applicable to those who have fulfilled payment obligations for Semester 2 of school year 2019-2020 as stipulated by Financial regulations.
  • The reimbursements and the corresponding fees incurred during the makeup time will be returned after the school year ends.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Department via phone number 024.3975.3333, ext. 0/1/2 or 028.3622.6888, ext. 0 during working hours (8AM – 5PM), or send an email to: [email protected].

Sincere thanks,

Vinschool Board of Directors