Vinsers win 6 highest prizes in World Economics Cup 2022

Friday, 16/12/2022, 12:12 (GMT+7)

Surpassing 53 teams with 286 contestants from 42 countries and regions, Vinschool Central Park students won 6 of the most prestigious team and individual awards at the World Economic Cup (WEC) 2022. The WEC is organised by Shanghai Future Leaders Education Foundation Inc and this year’s competition was held in Mid November, 2022.

The World Economics Cup is an international platform for high school students interested in economics. The competition consisted of a Fundamental exam and a Deep Comprehension exam that tested knowledge of macroeconomics, microeconomics and other advanced economics theories. Following the written tests was the Thinking and Innovation presentation round. 

After competing with international friends through 2 rounds, Central Park Vinsers have attained outstanding achievements:

  • Team Award: First Prize in the Thinking and Innovation section. Vinsers analysed and discussed the production behaviours of firms in competitive and monopolistic markets, and applied these theories to explain production decisions of firms in the healthcare industry.
  • 6 Individual Aggregated Economics Awards:
  • 1 Gold Prize: Le Thien Buu Dan (Grade 11 Vinser)
  • 2 Silver Prizes: Nguyen Nam Nguyen (Grade 11 Vinser) and Nguyen Thuy Duong (Grade 12 Vinser)
  • 2 Bronze Prizes: Vo Huy Khanh (Grade 11 Vinser) and Bui Ngoc Anh (Grade 12 Vinser)
  • 1 Participation Prize: Ho Nhu Ngoc (Grade 11 Vinser)

Congratulations to Central Park Vinsers on these excellent results!