Two groups of Vinsers were proud to be among just a handful of representatives from Vietnam to compete against nearly 100 groups from Singapore, China, Malaysia and more at The Elementz Science Project Competition & Exhibition in Singapore, and were delighted with their impressive achievements.

  • One group, including Nguyen Tu Minh and Nguyen Phuong Thao, won the Silver medal with their project “Extracting sap from stingless bee propolis to identify antibacterial substances which can be used to make mouthwash”.
  • The other group, including Trinh Minh Quan, Le Duc Minh and Tran Thi Quynh Tram, won the Bronze medal with their project “Isolating Cordyceps militaris to generate high yield strains through sexual hybridization”.

These Vinsers were proud to receive medals at an international scientific research competition following their three months of hard work and serious scientific research.

The Elementz Science Project Competition & Exhibition is an annual scientific research competition for high school students held in Singapore. This year’s competition attracted more than 100 teams from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, China, and Vietnam. This was the first time Vinsers had taken part in this competition, and it provided them with great opportunities to build their love for science and to meet and learn from their international friends.

The Board of Judges praised Vinsers’ projects for their high level of practicality

During the competition, the two teams competed in a Presentation – Debate round in front of the Board of Judges, and a Project Model Exhibition – Display round, which was voted on by attendees. Their projects had strong practical application potential and left a really good impression on the Board of Judges, as well as on international friends.

We gave everything in the competition. Upon learning that our group had won the Silver medal, I was overjoyed because that was the fruit of all our hard work. Thanks to this competition, I have learned many new and interesting things, and I would like to thank the GATE Center (Vinschool Gifted and Talented Education Center) for creating the right conditions for us, for guiding us in completing our projects, and for offering us the opportunity to take part in this competition.” – shared Tu Minh. 

With the hope of creating opportunities for the students to develop their talents to the maximum, the Vinschool Gifted and Talented Education Center (GATE Center) connected the students with and introduced them to the specialists at the Hanoi National University of Education and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, so they could work together on the scientific projects. The specialists gained a huge appreciation of the students’ work ethic, attitudes, and abilities in their areas of scientific research.

Through the identification of the antibacterial substances in the stingless bee propolis, the group studied ways in which they could utilize these antibacterial substances in a mouthwash suitable for daily use. It was hoped that a practical application of this research would improve dental health and prevent dental diseases caused by bacteria.

Dr. Le Nguyen Thanh instructed Tu Minh’s group on conducting the study of stingless bee propolis at the laboratory of the Institute of Marine Biochemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

In addition to guiding the students in these scientific research projects, the GATE Center also created favorable conditions for them to learn and receive instruction from Mr. Le Nguyen Thanh, Doctor of Science – Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Chonnam National University, South Korea), Director of the Drug Research and Development Center of the Institute of Marine Biochemistry (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology).

The other project was aimed at isolating cordyceps militaris, a species of fungus with applications in immune regulation, blood lipid reduction, resistance to blood cancer cells, etc., with a goal of generating high yield strains through sexual hybridization. Minh Quan, Duc Minh, and Quynh Tram’s group was directly instructed by two Doctors of Science from the Biology Department, Hanoi National University of Education: Ms. Le Thi Tuoi, Doctor of Genetic Engineering – Biochemistry (a graduate of Sun Moon University, South Korea) and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet, Doctor of Genetics, Chief of the Genetics Division (a graduate of Okayama University, Japan).

Dr. Le Thi Tuoi and Vinsers observed and analyzed the Cordyceps militaris mycelium trays in the fermentation room of the Biology Department, Hanoi National University of Education.

Please join us in congratulating our Vinsers on their great achievements in their very first competition! Let’s hope that these achievements, along with the lessons and experiences from the competition, will encourage them to follow their passion for science and propel them to even greater attainments in the future!

Monday, 16/03/2020, 14:03 (GMT+7)