Vinsers win scholarships from global top universities

Tuesday, 08/02/2022, 09:02 (GMT+7)

Despite going through a challenging and tumultuous school year, Vinsers in Grade 12 of Vinschool Times City High School have excellently received the good news of scholarships awarded from prestigious universities around the world.

Congratulations on the impressive achievements of:

Vinser Vu Dao Ha Anh of class 12A4

  • AUD 3,000 scholarship and ASEAN Scholarship worth 10,000 AUD/year for Communication majors at Macquarie University, Australia (ranked in the top 1%** in the world)
  • 50% Scholarship for Bachelor of Communication at Swinburne University, Australia (ranked 45** young universities in the world).

Ha Anh shared, “I think it’s very important to always try and work hard to get a good grade transcript every academic year. In addition, I also participated in the English certification exams early to have a higher chance of winning a scholarship. Vinschool regularly organizes international and local university exhibitions as well as study abroad seminars with lots of useful information for me and my friends, so I always receive timely and extensive support from the school.”

Vinser Ho Thi Vi Anh of class 12A3

  • 70% scholarship worth $215,560 at Texas Christian University, USA (ranked 83* national university in the US);
  • 60% scholarship worth 150,000 USD at Augustana University, USA (ranked 90* liberal arts university in the US);
  • 55% scholarship worth 152,000 USD at Lake Forest University (ranked 82* liberal arts university in the US) for Finance major;
  • 56% scholarship worth 166,800 USD (56% scholarship equivalent) at Drexel University (ranked 103* national university in the US).

Sharing about the “secret” behind her achievement, Vi Anh expressed, “In order to achieve such a result, I spent time preparing my profile, including the results of standardized tests and extracurricular activities, class grades and essays. In addition, Vinschool’s Academic Counseling Department has also supported me a lot during the consultation, completion and application stages!”

Vinser Dao Quang Hien of class 12A2

  • $80,000 Scholarship for Public Health at Mercer University, USA (ranked 162* national university in the US)
  • Scholarship at Georgia State University, USA

Vinser Nguyen Minh Thu of class 12A2

  • 30% scholarship at University of Technology Sydney (ranked 9** universities in Australia) Bachelor of Marketing

There are still many scholarships waiting for Vinsers in the near future. At Vinschool, students in grades 11-12 receive companionship and one-on-one advice from academic advisors, participate in internships and career guidance programs to identify strengths and professions they want to pursue, and together with mentors, set up a detailed and personal learning path to accomplish those goals. The Academic Counseling Department is always ready to support students on their journey, from counseling and preparing application documents to apply for university scholarships.

If you have questions about university application as well as future orientation, please contact the Academic Counseling Department to receive the closest companion support:

  • Address: Room A-401 T37 Times City Urban Area, 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Phone: (+84 4) 3 975 3333/ 6658 | Email: [email protected]

* According to U.S. News and World Report 2020
** According to QS World University Rankings 2020