Vinsers welcome the new school year with the theme “Strive for excellence”

Friday, 10/09/2021, 15:09 (GMT+7)

On August 23rd, the 2021-2022 school year officially started at Vinschool Primary and Secondary campuses nationwide. No matter how we started the new school year, Vinschool teachers and students could still feel the sacred and special meanings of the first day of school and of the bond between teachers and students

The Vinschool Online Back-to-school Ceremony was held for cities and provinces where social distancing has been implemented. Vinsers were able to meet with their teachers and friends, participate in many activities to be ready for a new school year, and receive ‘gifts’ prepared by teachers with love and enthusiasm. It was great to see the bright eyes and smiles of Vinsers on the first day of school, even if was only through the computer screen.

Vinsers of Vinschool Golden River Primary School – Ho Chi Minh City solemnly salutes the flag during the ceremony.
The message of the new school year is conveyed by the Board of Management to students via an online platform.
With the message “Strive for Excellence”, teachers believe that each Vinser will always look forward towards excellence in any situation.

Vinschool Smart City and Vinschool Star City officially opened. 

In this school year, the Vinschool System officially welcomed two new campuses, namely Vinschool Smart City Primary and Secondary School in Hanoi and Vinschool Star City Primary and Secondary School in Thanh Hoa City. In this first school year, the two new campuses have received the trust and companionship of thousands of Parents and Students.

Vinschool Star City Primary and Secondary School, which is located in Vinhomes Star City urban area, provides opportunities for Thanh Hoa students to study a high-quality program built with international standards.
Located in Vinhomes Smart City, all facilities and services at Vinschool Smart City Primary School and Secondary School were built according to international standards to ensure closed and synchronized teaching and learning conditions with the high-class service chain that is under the strict management of Vingroup.
Many activities were organized for Vinsers to learn about Vinschool core values, identify civilized behaviors, and learn about the theme of the school year. Students enthusiastically participated in answering questions through games: “Vinsers Guess the words”; “Ring the golden bell”; “Secret door”, and so on. Immediately, students were familiar with the learning method while participating in specific subject lessons of Vinschool.

The new school year has officially started and students will study online on Vinschool’s LMS (Learning Management System) online learning platform. Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huong, a parent at Vinschool Smart City Primary School, shared: “The 201x generation started off their life fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. There have been a lot of surprises, and this will be one of the first challenges they will have to overcome. In addition to teaching my child how to turn the computer on and off, how to handle basic login errors, and so on, my child and I have set goals for this new school year. Each time a goal is achieved, he will receive a reward that he loves. Looking at the development of the Vinschool Education System, I fully believe that my child will be nurtured in an environment that develops day by day along with the world’s trend.”

“In the 2021-2022 school year, whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the whole country, a special opening ceremony was held for thousands of Vinschool students from the North to the South. No difficulty or challenge can hinder our progress. Always looking for solutions and knowing how to stand up from hardships are the ways that every Vinser learns and trains every day. That is also the spirit that teachers of Vinschool want their students to have to get ready for the future, no matter what changes this world may go through. Let’s start the new school year together, with the theme: “STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE” – Ms. Dinh Thi Tu, Outstanding teacher, Director of Vinschool Primary.