Vinsers eagerly celebrate first day Back to school

Saturday, 27/08/2022, 09:08 (GMT+7)

Today, nearly 30,000 primary & secondary students across the Vinschool Education System officially started the new academic year with the theme “Strive for Excellence”.

In the school year of 2022-2023, Vinschool celebrates the establishment of several new campuses: Vinschool Grand Park Primary and Secondary School (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City), Vinschool Ocean Park High School (Hanoi), and Vinschool Imperia (Hai Phong). Continuing to lead the country in terms of scale, Vinschool’s presence has now spread to five provinces/cities with 48 campuses and more than 42,000 students. Vinschool’s member schools all meet the standards of the Council of International Schools (CIS).

Before the first day of school, Vinschool organized orientation and familiarization activities for new students and their parents, making the students feel less overwhelmed on the first day of school. The activities to welcome the new school year were student-focused and held by Vinschool teachers and students in a warm and meaningful atmosphere. Taking part in the event, the Vinsers together wrote down their dreams and stuck to the “I can do…” wall; participated in tours to explore the national sea and islands; learnt about Vinsers’ core values and experienced the subjects; made a trip to clubs in various fields such as academics, sports, and arts at the Club Fair hosted by Vinsers; and learnt about the curriculum and career orientation. They also showed their proactiveness in leading experiential activities and group discussions, setting classroom rules, and building learning goals for the new school year. Every Vinser had a first day of school full of excitement, with readiness for the new school year.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, Vinschool will teach Cambridge Mathematics in Vietnamese to students from Grades 1 – 9 (10th graders will learn the subject in the next school year). As for high school students, the subjects of Philosophy, Sociology and SAT Preparation will be included in the list of more than 50 subjects at Vinschool, with the hope of diversifying the programs and giving students more options.

Nguyen Minh Ngoc – a student of class 12A1 – excitedly said, “I finally had a true opening ceremony at Vinschool after 2 years of online learning. My goal this year is to gain a 75% scholarship from a British university. I’m excited because this is the first time the school has introduced Philosophy to the curriculum.  I plan to enroll in the subject.” 

The new school year has officially begun. Teachers at Vinschool trust that each and every Vinser will be forward-looking and “strive for excellence”, regardless of circumstances. Warm and genuine wishes to Vinsers for a journey full of confidence and great achievements!