Vinsers Discover a “World of Robots” at VinFast Automobile Plant

Monday, 16/12/2019, 14:12 (GMT+7)

Recently, Vinsers from the Northern STEM & Robotics group of the Vinschool Gifted and Talented Education Center (GATE Center) had an interesting trip exploring the “World of Robots” at VinFast Automobile Plant (Hai Phong City). Jointly held by the GATE Center and VinFast, this trip helped the students gain practical experience in the application of robot design, programming and building.

 “What is this?”, “What is this machine for?” were among the many the questions raised for Mr. Luong Duy Dong, lecturer of Industrial Mechanics at the VinFast Training Center as soon as the visit had begun. The students quickly recovered from their long and tiresome trip and were soon enthralled as Mr. Dong shared basic knowledge about industrial mechanics and demonstrated the operation of the industrial machines.

Vinsers visited VinFast Training Center with excitement.

Mr. Dong said he was very impressed by Vinsers’ knowledge as Trinh Minh Quan from Class 10A1, Vinschool Times City High School, noticed that the engine in the practice area of the VinFast Training Center was the same model used in the recently launched VinFast Lux SA2.0 – SUV 7.

Vinsers listened attentively as Mr. Luong Duy Dong, lecturer of Industrial Mechanics at VinFast Training Center (the rightmost guy), were introducing different types of industrial machines.

In the plant, Vinsers also had the opportunity to explore the Mechatronics Technician Training Area with labs, workshop rooms and more. These facilities were all equipped with state-of-the-art machinery from internationally recognized tech brands such as Siemens, ABB, Festo, Mitsubishi, etc.

The labs and workshop rooms are all equipped with the latest machinery from Siemens, ABB, Festo, etc.

The most anticipated activity of the entire visit among all the students was the chance for them to operate the robot simulations under the instruction of Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung, lecturer of Mechatronics at the VinFast Training Center. Vinsers were delighted and excited to see a robotic arm complete the assembly of a cylinder for the first time.

The “junior trainees” also gained much important knowledge about the operations of the robotic arm in production and the experience of working in such a hi-tech environment like VinFast.

Regarding Vinsers from the GATE Center, Mr. Anh Dung said he was amazed not only by their inquisitiveness but also how quickly they grasped the knowledge he was able to share. He admitted that excitement brought by the Vinsers was infectious and that he hoped the visit would help cultivate their love for scientific discoveries.

Despite “working at full capacity” in the morning, none of the Vinsers from the GATE Center wanted to leave. Nguyen Tue Minh from Class 10A1, Vinschool Times City High School, excitedly said: “There is a VinFast test drive area near my home, but I’m not old enough to drive. After our plant visit today, I’ll improve my knowledge and skills even more so that one day I can work in a professional working environment like VinFast”.