On November 9 and 16, Vinschool successfully held a series of workshops for parents under the theme “Vinschool’s journey towards CIS accreditation” at Vinschool Times City, Vinschool The Harmony, and Vinschool Central Park. During the workshops, parents expressed their willingness to lend Vinschool a hand in creating a best learning environment for students.

Thanks to the workshop, the participants had a clearer picture of CIS and well aware of: the benefits of CIS member schools and CIS-accredited schools, CIS international accreditation and its’ essential elements and purpose, and parent involvement in CIS accreditation process.

CIS International Accreditation

After deciding to strive for world-class quality in September 2017, Vinschool’s vision is to become a world-class school system for Vietnamese students. However, we need to specify what exactly is meant by world-class quality, what are the standards and how we can measure and assess them. That is why Vinschool decided to join CIS and aimed for CIS international accreditation”, shared Mr. Phan Anh, Director of Vinschool Secondary & High schools in the North.

Mr. Nurbolat, representative of the CIS Department at Vinschool, was answering questions at parents’ workshop.

There are many international education accreditation organizations, but Vinschool opted for CIS accreditation because:

  • CIS is a leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide based on rigorous international criteria and standards.
  • CIS criteria reflect a high level of awareness of internationalism.
  • CIS international accreditation is curriculum neutral.

In March 2019, the Council of International Schools (CIS) officially awarded 3 of our Vinschool locations membership status, namely Vinschool Times City (Primary, Secondary & High schools), Vinschool The Harmony (Primary, Secondary & High schools), and Vinschool Central Park (Primary, Secondary & High schools). This is an important milestone in Vinschool’s developments towards becoming a world-class school system for Vietnamese students.

After acquiring CIS membership, 3 Vinschool locations have made relentless efforts to improve themselves in preparation for CIS’s rigorous accreditation process. This process requires Vinschool to continuously review and enhance its operational and teaching-learning quality. The 8 CIS domains, comprised of 45 standards, are developed based on 4 key drivers: Purpose and Direction, Learning, Well-being, and The Development of Global Citizenship.

giám định cis

Parent Involvement in CIS Accreditation process

CIS is a leading educational accreditation organization in the world with rigorous international criteria and standards. Its membership coverage has reached 734 schools and 613 colleges/universities from 116 countries worldwide. Students who study at a CIS accredited school can benefit a lot from the CIS school community, for example, greater opportunities to enter and apply for scholarships from CIS member universities (e.g. Columbia University, the University of Chicago, Princeton University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, etc.), and easier access to exchange programs or transfer opportunities for high school students.

Parents made their voices heard at the workshop.

Above all, the accreditation process demands parents’ involvement. Vinschool was glad to receive sincere feedback and enthusiastic support from parents and will keep parents updated on every stage of the accreditation process through surveys, interviews and discussions. For example, they are able to:

  • Review the school’s guiding statements (vision, mission, core values);
  • Contribute ideas to enhancing teaching and learning quality at Vinschool;
  • Review and help implement child protection policies at the school. 

Vinschool has been striving to satisfy CIS’s rigorous accreditation standards and that creates practical values for students. We parents are always willing to be there to work together with whatever is needed”, shared Ms. Pham Le Ha, parent of a student from Vinschool Times City Primary school – T35, after attending the workshop.

I can clearly feel Vinschool’s dedication to its students. We ensure that all parents are well aware of the importance of CIS accreditation and its great impacts on students’ learning and development”, shared Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, parent of a student from Vinschool Central Park Secondary & High school.

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Tuesday, 26/11/2019, 09:11 (GMT+7)