Vinschool’s December Sports News Bulletin

Tuesday, 07/02/2023, 13:02 (GMT+7)

Vinschool has always maintained and developed sports activities together with students’ academic activities. In December, Vinschool students earned numerous medals in the school’s sports events.

At Vinschool, sports events are always maintained and developed in conjunction with students’ academic activities. Every month, the schools within the system organize exciting sports activities to help Vinsers hone their competitive skills and improve their physical health as well as their self-confidence.

The final month of 2022 recorded a fiercer competitive atmosphere than ever at all Vinschool campuses, from primary to high school. Let’s take a look at the outstanding achievements that Vinsers have made effort to gain for themselves and their teams.

Vinschool Golden River: the teachers and students at the campus actively participated in the District-Level Students’ Sports Tournament and received a record number of 112 medals for the month.

Primary School:

  • 3 gold medals: Tennis, Karate and Athletics
  • 10 silver medals: Chess, Karate and Table Tennis
  • 37 bronze medals: Badminton, Chess, Karate, Athletics and Volleyball.

Middle School:

  • 4 gold medals: Karate and Chess.
  • 9 silver medals: Karate, Chess, Chinese Chess and Athletics.
  • 49 bronze medals: Chess, Karate, Football, Chinese Chess, Athletics, Badminton and Tennis.

Vinschool Central Park: 6 is the number of medals that the “little athletes” at Central Park Primary School collected in the District-Level Students’ Sports Tournament, District-Level Students’ Basketball Tournament and the Open Chess Club Championship for Students in Ho Chi Minh City.  

  • 3 gold medals: for the first time, both men’s and women’s basketball teams of the school won the championship trophy
  • 1 silver medal: Taekwondo
  • 2 bronze medals: Taekwondo and Chess. 

Vinschool Times City: the school’s students registered to compete in the highest number of tournaments, including TOTA Cup (National Chess Tournament for High School Students in Vietnam) organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, Milo Cup (HCM City Women’s Basketball Tournament), and Hai Ba Trung District Students’ Sports Competition and Chess Tournament in Hanoi. The teachers and students earned numerous medals at these events.

  • 20 gold medals: Football, Taekwondo and Karate, Chess
  • 2 silver medals: Taekwondo and Chess
  • 5 bronze medals: Taekwondo, Table Tennis and Chess

Vinschool Imperia: Chess is one of the favorite intellectual sports for Imperia Primary and High School students. Taking part in this year’s TOTA Cup, the students deservedly won 3 individual prizes, specifically 1 first prize and 2 third prizes.

Vinschool Ocean Park: Gia Lam District’s Phu Dong Health Festival was where Ocean Park Elementary School students won 3 prizes in Football, Basketball, Chess and Chinese Chess.

  • 3 First Prizes: Team Basketball, Individual Chess, Individual Chinese Chess
  •  4 Second Prizes: Team Football, Individual Chess, Individual Chinese Chess
  • 2 Third Prizes: Individual Chess.

“I was encouraged and supported by the teachers at the school to train really hard for the tournament,” said Nguyen Ngoc Mai, who was holding a Gold trophy and couldn’t hide her excitement. “This activity not only helps us improve our health but also teaches us about the importance of self-effort and a fair play spirit. I’ll continue to try harder to achieve more titles for my school next year.”

“Sports activities not only help my children spend less time for TV and video games but also improve their health, maturity and discipline. I appreciate the school’s physical activities for my kids,” commented Pham Mai Linh, a Vinschool parent.

By enrolling in sports tournaments from school to national levels and winning precious medals, Vinsers have proved that a platform for physical activities is constantly being cared for and developed at Vinschool. It is considered as one of the essential elements to measure the students’ comprehensive development.

Let’s look forward to new praiseworthy achievements of Vinschool teachers and students in the new year of 2023!