Vinschool welcomes New Zealand students

Wednesday, 28/02/2018, 01:02 (GMT+7)

In the 1st semester of the 2017-2018 academic year, many international exchange and cooperating activities have been held and brought many new experiences for Vinschool’s students and teachers.

From 30/10 to 24/11, students majoring in education from Waikato University, New Zealand- top 2% of the best universities worldwide- participated in an internship program at Vinschool as part of an earlier agreement between the two schools. During their stay here, the Waikato students accompanied Vinsers in both classroom and extracurricular activities.


Earlier, Waikato University and Vinschool signed a memorandum in developing programs for students and teachers s that consist of training programs on pedagogical skills and capabilities and teacher exchange programs. There are also training contents for students to better prepare them for and provide them with a chance to study abroad at the top universities in New Zealand.


Chloe Fowler, Melissa Christophers and Amy Crawford – 3 students from Waikato university shared with us: “We come to Vinschool with open attitudes to exchange our new skills and knowledgewith teachers at Vinschool. We are looking forward to applying what we have learnt in Waikato Universityin encouraging students’ positive thoughts in class and improving group workto Vinschool’s students.”


Following the international exchange and cooperation activities, from 25/11 to 2/12, the students from KapitiCollege, New Zealand joined a cultural exchange program with students from VinschoolHigh School Times City.


Apart from experiencing activities at school as Vinsers, students from New Zealand also lived with Vinschool students’ families. This exchange program broughtVinsersvaluable opportunities to connect with international friends. Vinsersalso had a wonderful learning environment during the week with New Zealand students.

Enya O’Hagan-Cole, a 13-year-old student from KapitiCollege shared with us: “This is the 1st time I have been to Vietnam and I am staying with Han’s family. I feel really excited to visit and experience learning at Vinschool. Although everything is new to me, Vinsers always say “Hi” to me and make me feel so close.” This program has left both Vinschool and Kapiti students a very good and profound impression.