Vinschool Receives ESG Business Awards for Sustainable Development

Thursday, 09/11/2023, 09:11 (GMT+7)

The Vinschool Education System has recently been honored with 2 awards for categories focusing on Mental Health Awareness and Climate Advocacy and Education at the International ESG Business Awards ceremony held on November 6th in Singapore.

The ESG Business Awards, an annual recognition initiated by the Asian Business Review magazine, aims to celebrate leading businesses and organizations for their positive impact on society and their efforts in building a sustainable future in the Asian region.  Additionally, the awards aim to support the development of innovation and meaningful contributions in areas such as mitigating climate change, resource conservation, social responsibility, and governance.

Representative of the Vinschool Education System at the International ESG Business Awards Ceremony

In the “Health and Wellness Award” category, Vinschool was honored at the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Business Awards 2023 as the top system in the field of Mental Health Awareness with its project: Wellbeing for Better Learning (WBL). WBL was initiated by Vinschool’s Psychology Department in 2021. Its goal is to connect students, parents, school staff, and psychologists in order to enhance mental health awareness and develop activities to care for students’ mental health across the entire educational system.  

After 2 years of implementation, the project has conducted nearly 100 training sessions for approximately 1500 Vinschool teachers in caring for, supporting, and enhancing students’ mental well-being. It has also supported students in the launch of various projects related to school psychology, such as the student-led BeWell workshop series and the Talk Psychology forum. 

Talk Psychology – A forum on Psychology led by Vinsers themselves

The annual psychology forum has attracted the direct participation of thousands of Vinschool students and parents alongside hundreds of thousands of online viewers on social media platforms. Psychology clubs established at most Vinschool branches have garnered the involvement of numerous students, becoming a genuine source for disseminating knowledge and practices related to caring for school psychology at Vinschool. 

Moreover, to enhance the monitoring and support for students’ mental well-being, Vinschool developed the SWB (Student Wellbeing System) application. Presently, this application has accumulated nearly 65,000 registered accounts from parents and students across the entire school system. 

SWB application developed by Vinschool aims to ensure coordinated monitoring, guidance, and support for students’ psychological well-being at school.

Meanwhile, the “Global Citizenship Education” (GCED) course secured the title for the leading educational system in Vietnam for Climate Advocacy and Education.  As an exclusive course offered solely at Vinschool, the GCED is built upon the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The course aims to enhance students’ understanding of critical issues in Vietnam and around the world by fostering the necessary skills and qualities to become pioneering leaders who can shape the future. 

The GCED (Global Citizenship Education) subject helps students develop important skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication.

The GCED is implemented for all students from grades 1 to 12 across the entire Vinschool system. A primary focus of the GCED is educating students on sustainable development and environmental protection. This aligns with the critical educational objective of ensuring Earth’s sustainable development. Throughout the learning process, students are not only provided with knowledge about real-world issues but also are engaged in practical projects aimed at solving environmental concerns within their communities. 

Due to their understanding of sustainable development, Vinschool students have actively initiated and led numerous environmental and climate projects beyond the scope of their coursework. They’ve also enthusiastically participated in respected sustainability competitions. Notably, the disaster relief drone project, “The Servator,” led by Vinser Bùi Khánh Minh, clinched first prize in the high school category at the Pratt and Whitney Singapore Invention Convention (PWSIC). Furthermore, Vinschool students have launched several competitions within the system, such as the Z Pitch and the Innovation Challenge, to share and develop startup ideas and green projects. These projects aim to contribute to the establishment of a developmentally sustainable society. 

The Servator project, a disaster search and rescue drone, was developed by the talented GATE student group at Vinschool to support rescue efforts for flood and storm victims in Vietnam.

Vinschool’s leading role as a pioneering institution in driving educational innovation in Vietnam is demonstrated by its two awards at the ESG Business Awards. Vinschool not only focuses on knowledge and skills but also emphasizes mental health care and a genuine concern for sustainable development worldwide. 


After more than 9 years since its establishment, Vinschool currently operates 50 educational campuses, attracting nearly 48,000 students from preschool to highschool across the nation. Notably, Vinschool has been commended twice by the Ministry of Education and Training for its educational innovations. Vinschool stands as the first and only school in Vietnam comprehensively accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS). Moreover, Vinschool is the first educational system in Vietnam to receive two prestigious awards in EdTech (educational digital transformation) at the 2023 Asian Technology Excellence Awards.