Vinschool One Choir left another mark on the International Artistic Stage with PICF 2019 Gold Medal

Tuesday, 17/09/2019, 10:09 (GMT+7)

This September 2019, The Vinschool One Choir arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia to perform at the Penabur International Choir Festival 2019 (PICF). As Vietnam’s only contender at the PICF, Vinschool’s excellent performances proudly won 01 Gold Medal in the Junior High school Category and 01 Silver Medal in the Folklore Category.


Vinschool One with international contestants at PICF 2019

The first PICF was organized in 2013 and was aimed at promoting and enriching traditional and contemporary choir music in the international community. This year marked the 4th PICF and involved the participation of 160 choirs from all over the world.

PICF 2019 has challenging marking criteria; participating teams receive an evaluation and are scored by 4 judges in four criteria: intonation, sound quality, fidelity, and overall artistic impression.

This year, Vinschool One was proud to be Vietnam’s sole representative, and won:

  • 01 Gold Medal in the Junior High School Category for “Hello Viet Nam” and “Lullaby”
  • 01 Silver Medal in the Folklore Category for “Ly ngua o – Xe chi luon kim – Ly con cum num”
The Vinschool One Choir led by Conductor Ta Ngoc Dien performing “Hello Viet Nam” and “Lullaby”
The Vinschool One Choir led by Conductor To Ngoc Tu performing “Ly ngua o – Xe chi luon kim – Ly con cum num”

To prepare for the competition, students and teachers started practicing in May 2019. Music teachers trained students on vocal and listening skills and vocal harmony. Each line was endlessly refined so the performances at PICF 2019 would reach their highest potential.

Vinschool One proudly received the Gold Medal in the Junior High School Category
Teacher Giang Manh Dong (second from the left) and Teacher To Ngoc Tu (second from the right) received the Silver Medal for the Folklore Category representing Vinshool One

“Vinschool One exceeded its original expectations and confidently surpassed many other choirs from around the world”, said Nguyen Ngoc Minh Khue from Class 8A1 at Vinschool Times City High School, speaking highly of the team’s collective effort and achievement.

The organizers believed that each of the choir member’s essential qualities during training and practice, which included things like punctuality, commitment, responsibility, self-awareness, trust, thoughtfulness, listening skill and collective conscience… had positive influences on their personal development, shaping each individual to become highly disciplined humans.

Vinschool One was Vietnam’s only Vietnamese high school representative to win the Gold and Promising Prizes at the International Choir Competition Interkultur 2015. 2017 saw Vinschool One with another 2 Gold Prizes in the Folklore and Children Music Categories at the International Choir Competition Interkultur 2017. “Academic” music genres such as choir or classical music are gradually becoming more and more common, gaining awareness among the general public and demonstrating what a positive influence music can have on the development of students. With such major achievements at international choir competitions and a very positive reception among students, Vinschool has truly managed to establish the foundation for incorporating “academic” music into school life.