Vinschool made great success with 3.7 billion VND fund rasie for under-privileged children

Wednesday, 11/04/2018, 13:04 (GMT+7)

Taking place for the third time in Hanoi and the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, EDURUN 2018, which is annually organized by the Vinschool Education System, has attracted more than 21,000 people. With 150,000 VND donated from every single participant and donations from many sponsors, EDURUN 2018 has made a great success to raise a fund of 3.7 billion VND. All of the funds raised in EDURUN 2018 will be allocated to construction of new classrooms for underprivileged children in remote and far-flung provinces.

EDURUN is a community activity which has attracted a large number of participants. Apart from the purpose of raising funds for charity, the participants also aim to spread a message about protecting our health and showing love and care among people. It is also an opportunity to strengthen family bonds when grandparents, parents, and offsprings all together do meaningful things to contribute to community development.

Being organized in Hanoi on the 1st April and in Ho Chi Minh City on the 8thApril, EDURUN brought about excitement and enthusiasm to all participants.


With such practical and meaningful purposes, EDURUN 2018 has attracted the participation from a lot of celebrities such as Meritorious artist Xuan Bac, Singer Van Mai Huong, MC Diep Chi, Actor Manh Truong, Dance sport grandmaster Khanh Thi, Runner-up Huyen My, Actress La Thanh Huyen, Model Xuan Lan, Editor Thuy Hang, Actress Minh Huong, Meritorious artist Duc Hung, Singer Ngoc Khue, etc.

The participation of all Ambassadors brought about excitement and enthusiasm to EDURUN 2018. Not only do the celebrities inspire all of the participants but they also become the Ambassadors of the campaign, actively contributing to spreading the meaningful messages of supporting the community and education.


Actor Manh Truong has been taking the role of an Ambassador in EDURUN for 2 successive years. He and his daughter have had such a memorable Sunday morning: “I feel very excited. It is a very meaningful running activity, especially when being with our family. Thanks to EDURUN, students would be more aware of the meaning and significance of their small actions, which help to build a strong foundation for them to learn and spread the lesson of love and humanity!”

In Ho Chi Minh City, on Sunday afternoon, the 8th of April, Ha Duc Chinh and Bui Tien Dung, two football players of U23 Vietnam, joined the exciting atmosphere with more than 5 thousand parents and students. Ha Duc Chinh and Bui Tien Dung used to learn and train in the Promotion Fund of Vietnamese Football Talents PVF (belonging to Vingroup), so their presence positively inspired the other participants. (Choose 1 of 3 pictures above)

Apart from being a community activity, EDURUN is considered a chance for our family reunion.

Unlike other usual running competitions, the destination of EDURUN is humanity, love and sharing.

EDURUN is an opportunity for Vinsers to directly engage in organizing the program and practicing qualities and core values which Vinschool is trying develop in each Vinser.

Through this activity, the students could understand that “Care” is not just a core value in Vinschool slogan. By every single action, Vinsers are spreading positive things in life.

Vinsers were very proactive when taking different roles to organize this activity. Apart from keeping things order and guiding the participants, Vinsers stood along the running paths to encourage the participants and give them water if necessary.

A small thing with great meaning made that Sunday become far more unforgettable than ever. EDURUN was finally marked as a meaningful charity event. Many more comfortable and spacious classrooms and schools were constructed thanks to the funds raised from EDURUN. There are sustainable constructions, significantly supporting the learning of underprivileged children.


EDURUN is the run for education organized by the Vinschool Education System. With funds raised from EDURUN in different years, Vinschool has built five new spacious classrooms to replace old ones with thatched roofs and mud walls. The inauguration ceremony of these new classrooms took place in February 2016 as a present for students in Chieng So Secondary school, Song Ma District, Son La Province. Also funded by EDURUN, in September 2017, ten new classrooms were opened to the joyfulness of students in Ro Ro, Ba Ngay and Tram schools in Dakrong District,  Quang Tri before the start of a new school year.

In 2018, with the total fund of 3.7 billion VND raised from EDURUN in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vinschool will continue to identify the schools in remote and far-flung provinces which really need supports in order to construct more classrooms and schools for underprivileged children, thus giving them more favorable learning conditions.