CIS Accreditation

Working at a CIS-member school provides the opportunity for educators to volunteer their service as a peer and participate on CIS evaluation teams. Recently, 6 Leaders and Educators from Vinschool have successfully completed the session of the CIS International Accreditation: Accreditation Evaluators training to join CIS accreditation evaluation teams.


This completion not only provides significant professional benefits for educators and leaders but also it is an achievement that the whole Vinschool Education System can be proud of.

The training provides educators with a convenient and interactive learning experience in preparation for becoming an accreditation evaluator. CIS training was developed by experts in accreditation and online learning. Therefore, the educators will learn about real-world scenarios from school evaluation visits, study international education standards with a team of peers and have the best preparations for the upcoming CIS accreditation evaluation of Vinschool.

Congratulations to our leaders and educators for meeting the CIS’s requirements and successfully completing this course:

  1. Phan Hà Thủy – CEO of Vinschool
  2. Nurbolat Bissengaliyev – Vinschool Coordinator for CIS Accreditation
  3. Laura Ann Murphy – Principal of Vinschool The Harmony High School
  4. Benjun Mercado Casinas – Principal of Vinschool The Harmony Primary School
  5. Wendy Marie Parry – Vice Principal of Vinschool Times City Secondary School.
  6. Dominic Francis Vigil – Vice Principal of Vinschool Central Park Primary School.


Three main modules have been conducted during this training by CIS trainer Mr. Paul Morris, including CIS School Support and Evaluation Foundation, CIS Standards and the Accreditation Evaluation Team and Evidence-based Accreditation Reports.

One of the requirements for becoming a CIS Accreditation Evaluator is the evaluator must affiliate with a CIS Member or CIS Accredited School. Educators will experience online training with a cohort of approximately 20 other participants, using interactive blended learning experiences including learning tasks, assignments, discussions, and collaborative activities.

 As a result of this training, evaluators can gain such skills as:

  • Providing objective feedback that leads to continual improvement
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews and classroom observations
  • Writing formal reports, including analyzing and synthesizing evidence
  • Collaborating with others in a professional and intercultural context

Especially, evaluators can strengthen performance at their own schools by sharing effective practices, applying enhanced skills in their school context and advising on accreditation, and evaluation processes.

 “It was a rich and rewarding experience having completed the CIS Accreditation Evaluators training. The most significant benefit of participating in the training is the knowledge and experience gained is directly related toward our goal of accreditation. Not just having a better understanding of the school’s requirements in meeting the standards of accreditation, but with the additional perspective of what CIS Evaluators are looking for and the types of evidence that is required to satisfy the requirements. Observing what makes other schools successful from curriculum, instruction, assessment, and operational aspects can be adapted to our context at Vinschool Central Park.” – Mr. Dominic Vigil, Vice Principal  of Vinschool Central Park Primary School.

“One of the main benefits of this course was the opportunity to collaborate with other delegates from schools in similar situations. We could discuss the scenarios and the evidence provided and share best practice reviewing evidence from different perspectives. The course also hones the evaluator’s writing skills. It really helped me to focus on the key aspects of an evaluation team members visit, conducting interviews and eliciting the evidence that aligns with the standards. I found the guidance on how to write concise objective feedback for the evaluation valuable.” – Ms. Wendy Parry, Vice Principal  of Vinschool Times City Secondary School shared.


(*) For more information about CIS accreditation evaluation teams, please click here.

Tuesday, 24/12/2019, 15:12 (GMT+7)