Vinschool launches Student Wellbeing Support System (SWB)

Monday, 29/08/2022, 09:08 (GMT+7)

The Student Wellbeing Support System (SWB) is a piece of software developed by Vinschool to ensure effective coordination in monitoring and support for the wellbeing of students from Grades 4-12 at Vinschool. SWB will officially be put into operation on LMS and Vinschool One platforms from the 2022-2023 academic year.

With this new application, students, parents, teachers and staff can:

  • Update and monitor students’ mental wellbeing status 
  • Identify and detect students with mental problems
  • Learn about mental wellbeing and measures to ensure students’ mental wellbeing 
  • Support students with mental wellbeing problems  

All information about students’ mental wellbeing is confidential and personalized to each student and each parent.

The implementation of SWB contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of student mental healthcare activities; ensuring that each student is given the best opportunity to promote their potential and successfully fulfill their academic goals at Vinschool.

For detailed information on how to use SWB, please access the following Links 

SWB User Manual: 

  • For Students: Please click HERE
  • For Parents: Please click HERE

For any questions related to SWB, please contact the School Psychologist’s Office: 024 3975 3333 (extension # 8653 or 8654) during office hours (8:30-12:00 and 13:30-17:30) Monday through Friday) for support.